Howdy gangsters, I want to try talk about this without it becoming political

Howdy gangsters,

I want to try talk about this without it becoming political. I have family i love that don’t see eye to eye with me politically, so no doubt there’s heaps more. No problem.

Jobkeeper ends this Sunday. Frankly, it’s a disgrace that very wealthy people who haven’t needed it have made fortunes off exploiting what was meant as a social safety net. How cooked. But that wouldn’t shit me as much if on Sunday, many people it was actually designed to keep afloat are completely fucked.

Thoughts go to everyone about to really have a tough time of it for a while. Especially in the arts and entertainment industry. A little over a year ago our industry bent backwards to raise money for bushfire victims. It’s been sickening, infuriating, and now desperately sad, to see how little the people in power give a fuck about an industry that gives so much, was first to shut, and will be last to open properly. Hope we never forget this big, rolling fuck you.

I don’t think people literally not allowed to do their jobs struggling to make ends meet is political. I don’t mean the artists, i mean the people behind the scenes without whom nothing happens. The crews in arts and entertainment bust their asses. These aren’t bludgers or welfare rorters. And a lot of them will leave the industry because we still can’t work or tour anywhere close to properly, and they still have to keep the lights on.

Anyway, i don’t know. Hope everyone, in whatever job, keeps their head up and gets through to the other side of this absolute fuckwit situation wev been in. Wer close but i know that’s cold comfort for those still at the pointy end of it.

Donate where you can, voice your concern where you can, burn down a billionaire who profited off jobkeepers house where you can.. actually don’t do that last one and forget i said it.

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