My dad taught me to drive before i had my L’s. I used to steal his car every night

My dad taught me to drive before i had my L’s. I used to steal his car every night, putting it in neutral til it was halfway down the street, so they wouldn’t hear me start the engine. He caught on and figured since he wasn’t going to stop sleeping at night, he may as well teach me to drive so i didn’t fuck up too bad. I clearly remember the hoods playing on the radio while he was kicking me life lessons from the passenger seat, and telling me not to ride the brake so hard (i still do, sorry dad). We bonded on those drives, and all the way until he met the lads at my birthday a few years back, he would always use them as a reference for what i could do. It literally took dad realising they were some of my best mates to stop comparing me to them haha. An impossible comparison. I grew up on the hoods. We all did. Everyone i grew up with. All of us. I wouldn’t be what i am if it wasn’t for them. I probably would never have believed making music was possible. I definitely wouldn’t have thought people would care enough to listen. Half a lifetime later and I’m on a Hoods album. Excuse the ramble, but it’s a very big deal for me. Congratulations to my brothers. The kings. Anyone from our genre in Australia owes them a debt. Bar nobody. Anyone worth listening to agrees. Call it a highlight, a bucket list tick, whatever. I’m so hype to have my voice back out there, and i couldn’t have picked better people to be on with. From the Frankston line to a Hoods album. Crazy.

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