Nooky explores the facets of addiction on new clip ‘Numb’

Nooky burst onto the scene in 2010, after moving from Nowra to Sydney and gaining attention for his unmatched rhymes and technical rap style. After making a name for himself in his new hometown, the multidisciplinary artist first received international recognition on a chance meeting with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. In 2016, he took home the Australia Council’s Dreaming Prize for young Indigenous artists, before going on to release his debut solo single “Black Future” in 2018.Nooky’s name has been built on the energetic shows he delivers proud in his blackness while firm in every word’s ferocity.  Nooky has positioned his music and voice at the forefront of conversations around changing the date and educating others on the Nation’s true history.

“Numb” broadens Nooky’s unapologetic attitude while taking a step back from his signature fiery lyrics and drawing focus to his honest words, a dip in trap production and warped beats courtesy of collaborator Solo. Speaking to its name, the track explores the facets of addiction, unpacking moments at the brink of emotion when substances are turned to for numbing pain. Numb is produced by IamSolo, with guitar and additional vox by Thom Crawford. The video was produced by Level 48 Visuals, shot and edited by Nelson Faulds and directed by Nelson Faulds and Nooky.


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