We are looking for HIGH SCHOOLS!! Tag your local in the comments below

🎓🎓🎓We are looking for HIGH SCHOOLS!! 🎓🎓🎓
👇👇Tag your local in the comments below👇👇
Downsyde believes in the power of narrative, of lyrics, the power of personal experiences that become stories and lyrics that help deal with issues and problems. As well as beatmaking and jamming which are incredibly powerful tools to focus, for escapism and to help regulate disruptions in life that can manifest years later, especially childhood trauma. We are more then just a hiphop crew or music entity, we try to give back as much as we get. This vid is a snapshot of 5 schools Downsyde worked with on a program called Hiphop101 with Healthway and Act, Belong, Commit in 2019. Big love to anyone who works for their community would love to hear about what you do and where you live and the issues you face. DOWNSYDE – POSITIVE – STRENGTH – HEAL WITH HIPHOP. …

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