360 – EXTRA® Support Acts Winner

It’s been a pleasure to be involved with the EXTRA team and their EXTRA® Support Acts campaign. I’m a big believer in artists using what platform they have to support up and coming local talent and help them out if they see something in them. Each of the artists in my group killed it! It was such a gifted group of rappers, who all differ from one another in their own way and it just goes to show how incredibly diverse the next generation of hip hop artists actually are in this country. Super proud of everyone involved, however there can only be one winner and the winner in my group was Chevy Levett. He’s such a good artist and I know he’s going to kill it at the Universal Music ARIA week showcase! Congrats chevdog! Shouts to Skrub, Kwasi and Cooper too, you guys are all awesome. Go to Youtube.com/ExtraSupportActs to check out more content from these artists and more.

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