Tasman Keith shares new single ‘CONFIDENT’; announces forthcoming debut mixtape

Off the back of two sold-out shows in Sydney and the 2020 J Award for Best Australian Music Video Of The Year overnight, ascendant Bowraville-born rapper Tasman Keith today shares his latest single, ‘CONFIDENT’, and announces the forthcoming release of his debut mixtape To Whom It May Concern due this year.

Muscular and minimal, ‘CONFIDENT’ leans into the trunk-rattling, bare-bones style of previous single ‘BILLY BAD AGAIN’. With twisted, nocturnal synths, skittish percussion, and a late beat switch leading to a raucous, half-time climax, ‘CONFIDENT’ is not the first time Keith’s music can compare to Kendrick Lamar’s. What makes the comparison all the more apparent is Tasman’s finely-tuned craft; a flow that moves between leisurely, unapologetic aplomb and razor-sharp lucidity, oozing tenacity, perseverance, and an elemental self-assuredness no matter which gear he’s operating in. The result is goosebump inducing furore.

“Over the three verses in this song, I’m speaking to three different things,” Tasman shares. “In the first verse, I’m speaking on the confidence within myself. The second is me showing my confidence to the suits in the industry, and the third is showing it to racists/bigots. The third verse is also a moment where all three things are addressed in one verse.”

2020 has seen Tasman’s profile continue to rise through collaborations and guest features, appearing on Jimmy Nice’s ‘Same Water’, Northern Territory producer Kuya James’ powerful single ‘No Country’, including its own stripped-back version ‘No Country (Piano In F Minor)‘, and alongside Jessica Mauboy on ‘First Nation’, the second single lifted from The Makarrata ProjectMidnight Oil’s first studio album in over 18 years. Tasman capped yet another banner year with his debut TV performance twice on the second season of The ABC‘s live music series, The Sound.

Despite ‘CONFIDENT‘ being only his second solo release of the year this far, Tasman Keith continues to live up to its title – and then some.  ‘CONFIDENT’ by Tasman Keith is out now, buy/stream it here. To Whom It May Concern Mixtape out Dec 11.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Hooligan Hefs Drops His Hard-Hitting New Single And Video For “Send It!”

Since his monumental breakthrough in 2019, Western Sydney emcee Hooligan Hefs has been redefining homegrown hip-hop with his street-ready anthems, trademarked with his own unapologetic flair and uniquely brazen style. A newfound pioneer of Australian drill, the Samoan/Chinese artist today drops his new hard-hitting, party rap single “SEND IT!”.  

On the single, Hooligan Hefs notes “me and open till l8 cooked this one up over a year ago, when we made it, we knew it was a big tune, keen to finally get it out to the people. This is the song for summer, grab your drink, SEND IT! and party hard.”

The single also comes along side an epic new music video, directed by Jaen Collective. On the video, Hefs adds “we just wanted to have fun with it, so we pulled out the mailman idea, something different, but you know we had to still party.” 

Dubbed the biggest rap act and breakout solo act in Australia for 2019, Hefs backed that up earlier this year by releasing his highly-anticipated and #1 iTunes debut EP, Living In SinThe EP saw Hefs delve into a more reflective and reserved side of his artistry, working with melodic vocalists and fellow Australian rising stars like Blueboy and Billymaree and UK drill favourite Dimzy of 67.

Now with five singles landing at #1 on the YouTube trending charts, over 70 million plays on Spotify, one ARIA Platinum record (“No Effect”), three ARIA Gold records (“The Party”, “Tell Em I’m Doing Eetswa and “IYKYK”), headline performances at Lost City, Meredith Music Festival and Spotify’s ‘A1 Live’ event and collaborations with global stars including AitchS1mba and Dimzy, Hefs is one of the few Australian rappers with proven worldwide reach. With the release of his new single “SEND IT!”, Hefs delivers yet another smash hit that’s best played at festivals, clubs and kick-ons, and one that’ll stay on repeat all summer.

With Hefs having been in the spotlight for just over a year, his achievements read like that of a seasoned veteran. But for Hefs, the best is yet to come.

Stream and download it HERE.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Adelaides Social Change Release New Single ‘Top 5’

Social Change have been a fixture of the Adelaide Hip Hop scene for over a decade now, working closely with producer Funkwig, SC have released projects such as The V High EP, The Phat Tape and the Coming Through EP.

Internationally, Social Change have collaborated with the likes of Del The Funky Homosapien, Inkswel, Pugs Atoms, Blu, and countless other Hip Hop heavyweights and have showcased some of these collabs on the ‘Change Got Collabs Mixtape‘ available exclusively via bandcamp.

Their latest track titled ‘Top 5’ marks the next journey in the SC legacy, swift raps backed by ‘bang it in ya jeep’ beats from Funkwig. It also begs the question, who is in your Top 5?

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Jimblah drops new single ‘About these Demons’

First Nations artist and Blak Visionary Jimblah stops us in our tracks with ‘About These Demons’.

‘About These Demons’ drives home the grief, loss and dispossession experienced by First Nations communities at the hands of colonisers. Speaking more directly, lyrics like ‘Balanda Balanda y’all need an intervention’ and ‘y’all missed the message when you fail to see what you inherit’ ask white Australia to stop pretending things are getting better when it’s still business as usual. 

What more can I possibly say, I’m exhausted. Running since I was 12, since I started noticing that the world was a very different place for me compared to the other kids. Running with a target on my back. 

What these songlines represent is, we as First Peoples don’t want to see this happening, the difference is we aren’t able to just turn our backs on it. We don’t have that option. So we have to be active about confronting these demons, we have to activate in a way that is working towards this healing of Country. So many people claim they love this Country, but the truth is – they love to exploit this Country. If they really loved this Country, they would love us, & we would be side by side battling these demons together.

We need every single person who stands on this sacred Country to be activated, not just on socials, but at the dinner table, at the march, at the workplace, on the stage, in the board rooms, at parliament – that’s what true reconciliation will look like – when we are actually working together on this healing and it’s not just on the First Peoples to rid this Country of its on-going genocide and our beautiful way of being”.


With gorgeous, soulful production, Jimblah’s vocals and heart are front and centre on ‘About These Demons’. The track builds on a string of powerful releases from 2019 that speak to race politics within Australia including ‘No Clapstick’, ‘Black Paint’ and ‘House N***er’, each offering crucial guidance on the journey to decolonisation and highlighting Jimblah’s essential voice.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Freesouls Keep Delivering With ‘Living Legend’ Music Video

Freesouls deliver yet another blow with the brand new music video from their recent single ‘Living Legend’. The film clip welcomes you into their South-West Sydney lifestyle when good times are ever present. Light hearted, homegrown and vibe friendly, Freesouls stay true to their music as it pays homage to their friends and family.

The video orchestrates that feeling you get when you just want to kiss your mum and say thanks after 3 beers. Dancing for a good time, drinking with your mates and getting up to date with happiness. Something we can all agree we have missed more than anything. The clip highlights what we are so eager to be a part of once again, making it so relatable.

From the moment it launches, you are instantly drawn in by the melodic hook that quickly paints a picture of gratitude of which is the group’s intention with ‘Living Legend“. World class production combined with varied but effortless vocals, makes for a great visual and a wave of nostalgia.

Living Legend is a special release for us as it’s an ode to those who have shared this journey with us from the beginning. Our family and day 1’s have been our biggest support.”


With proven versatility as a collective, together with their live show and recorded content, we are reminded that Freesouls are a group in love with their art and it’s hard to not get excited about the trajectory they are on, and with a debut EP slated for late this year, ‘Living Legend’ presents itself as the perfect breakthrough.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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DJ Mix Of The Week: DJ Skarface Releases ‘Rage The Jewels’

Jonathan Stewart aka DJ Skarface has just released our DJ Mix Of The Week. Titled ‘Rage The Jewels’, Skarface has taken vocals from a selection of Rage Against The Machine tracks and mashed them over beats by Run The Jewels.

Originally this mixtape was made as a response the Rage Against The Machine/Run The Jewels tour announcement, not as a response to the events of the past few weeks. Having said that, there is no better time for DJ Skarface to have dropped this one.

I’m not equipped to speak on the matters at hand but DJ’ing and music have always done a good job of expressing how I feel”.

DJ Skarface

Having received a co-sign from el-p on Twitter, there’s no better tick of approval on that one. Spin the mix above and grab a download whilst you’re at.

Keep up to date with DJ Skarface here.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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L-FRESH The LION drops new single ‘Mother Tongue’

L Fresh The Lion Drops New Single Reminding Us That Policing Of Language In Australia Isn’t A Story Of Our Past

Pulling no punches, Mother Tongue arrives as an honest recount of L-FRESH The LION losing the ability to speak his native language, his Mother Tongue. The track captures the experience of many migrant and BIPOC communities here in Australia and throughout the world, diving deep into the shame, grief and disconnect L-FRESH has felt losing not only his connection to his first language of Punjabi but to the roots of his culture. 

Release of Mother Tongue is coupled with the announcement of L-FRESH The LION’s forthcoming album SOUTH WEST on July 17. The body of work will be a celebration of South West Sydney, the area that raised him and continues to inspire him. Levelling up in every possible way, listeners can expect L-FRESH The LION at his best on this album with sounds reminiscent of his personal heroes Kendrick LamarJ Cole and Talib Kweli. Like his heroes, L-FRESH is inspired by the community around him. SOUTH WEST, a homage to the place that raised him up, and a nod to the rise of his fellow Western Sydney artist, including the likes ONEFOURBecca HatchJessica JadeHooligan Hefs and A.GIRL.

Mother Tongue was written about my story with my native language, my mother tongue. As a kid, English wasn’t the first language I spoke. It was Punjabi. My experiences of being born within 2, sometimes competing, cultures meant I lost touch with my language. I lost my fluency because I was conditioned to think my language wasn’t cool. Mother Tongue explores my regret in letting my language go, and how I’m working now to relearn it so I can keep close to my roots”.


Flexing his ability to lay down hard-hitting bars with unmissable truths, Mother Tongue teaches us something new with each repeat listen. Flow and lyrical-mastery are at the forefront of this track. Exploring the politics of otherness, lyrics like “Nothing is sacred, even the tongue is gentrified” explore white Australia’s ongoing issues with exploitation and discrimination against Australians of non-anglo background.

While some may think the policing of language or banning of tongues is a thing of the past, scratch a little deeper and you can see this practice is still alive and well. Too often people are asked to choose between their culture and the ‘Australian way’. To adopt words, to soften their message, to ‘speak properly.’ Mother Tongue arrives today as a reminder that culture is to be upheld and celebrated. 

 Mother Tongue is out now via Elefant Traks.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Pistol Pete & Enzo, Return Stronger Than Ever With New Single ‘The Top’

Biordi Music is proud to present Pistol Pete & Enzo’s first new release under their label ‘The Top’. The new single, which goes by the same title – ‘The Top’ – is out now and is the beginning of a new journey for the Australian rap duo, who have returned harder and stronger than ever.

Pistol Pete & Enzo are well known within the industry for their raw and lyrical bars and ‘The Top’ remains true to their style while also showcasing a more diversified version of themselves. Through the new single it is evident that one of their greatest strengths in the Rap Game is the use of word play.

From one-liner puns such as “Put ‘em on the board cause they’re never gonna notice (know this)” to references from renown Disney movies, “if they’re lying (lion) about the king then they can get scarred,” the duo have no trouble piecing together sophisticated and unique lyrics. ‘The Top’ delivers a strong message of resilience and perseverance, an insight to their life and come-up as they make a significant return to the scene.

Pistol Pete & Enzo say, “’The Top’ is a track that showcases our versatilities in the current Australian rap game. Being in this game for some time now we’ve copped lot of love but also a lot of hate. In this track we are stating that ‘The Top’ is where we are heading regardless. This track is uplifting and has a feel-good vibe, but at the same time we stay true to our ways and we still talk our talk. ‘The Top’ is just the start of our new journey and in due time we will be there!”

‘The Top’ is released through Biordi Music, written by Pistol Pete & Enzo and produced by RELYT. Listen HERE

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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British Rapper Ramz Releases New Track Underneath

Record breaking, Platinum certified and Brits nominated Ramz has released brand new track ‘Underneath’. ‘Underneath’ follows the release of Ramz’s ‘Brixton to Oxford Circus’ freestyle and first official single release for 2020 ‘Belong To The Streets’.

Produced by Capri (with additional production from 169), ‘Underneath’ is not only Ramz’s ode to black women, but also to embracing being comfortable in your own skin, both mentally and physically.

“This song is a celebration of dark skin girls. It’s also about striving to be comfortable in your own skin and being proud of your own skin, in its most natural form.” Says Ramz. “I really hope this song helps empower anyone who is feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, for whatever reason, right now.”

Directed by Kirx, the accompanying stripped down, performance led music video for ‘Underneath’ was shot in London, in strict adherence to social distancing guidelines.

Having amassed over 3.3 million+ record sales, 715 million+ streams and 100 million+ YouTube views across five single releases, Brits nominated Ramz has achieved a number of ‘Firsts’ to date: he is the first ever act to achieve a #1 on Spotify with their debut single, has notched up the most viewed video of all time on GRM Daily and, with ‘Barking’, scored the most streamed UK Urban track of 2018 and a #2 on the UK Official Singles chart (crowning him as the highest charting British urban artist since 2015), and a #1 streaming hit in Germany.

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram

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Mitchos Da Menace Releases The Visuals For Dxckheads

Have been consistently hitting out head turning music, Mitchos Da Menace returns withhis highly anticipated album ‘Pray For Them’ alongside visuals for ‘Dxckheads’.

Coming in like a mission statement, Mitchos’ new album is a personal journey, highlighting domestic violence, trust, abuse and toxic relationships. Tackling the game head on by carving out his very own sound, the album features Kerser and vocals supplied by LDS, Joanna Turner and Jacqueline Maree. 

Taking you straight into the emotions, ’Still No Trust’ is the second track that Kerser and Mitchos have collaborated on, heavy-hitting and emotionally captivating, the track is about having friends and the harsh reality that they might have their own intentions of sticking around. ‘Dxckheads’ flips the script and turns into a Drill track, calling out all the phoney rappers, to the smooth ‘No Good For You,’ a track about love and toxic relationships. 

The album means heaps to me as it’s my thoughts and my life into lyrics and music. Half the album is very personal & deep and other is the rough shit that needs to be said,”

Mitchos Da Menace

2020 will be his most groundbreaking year to date, as this album further cements his name into the industry as a constantly evolving artist.

Stepping in from Sydney’s West, Mitchos Da Menace reels you in to his records with his accounts of life, dreams and hustles with his rhythmic flows. His lyrical finesse and seasoned flow mixed with his rapping ability has become unquestionable. Menace has developed into one of the only artists who can lay claim to having collaborated with a largely who’s who of hip hop artists in Australia over the last few years including Nter, Flowz, Alex Jones, Triple One, Young Buck (G Unit)  and many more.

Links: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website

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