AUS To UK: Wombat Releases His Highly Anticipated Collab With Devlin

“It’s the UK Killer with the Wizard Of OZ!”

Wombat’s back like he never left! Tasmanian rapper Wombat has teamed up with Dagenham legend Devlin on the highly anticipated and long awaited collab dubbed ‘Adrenaline’. After destroying Wrighty (remember Wrighty?) in Australia’s first ever grime clash, Wombat continues making moves forward on this massive AUS to UK link up.

The energy Wombat brings to all of his tracks is unmatched in Australia and Adrenaline is no different. Prod by PEZOTB, Wombat rides the menacing beat with a barrage of bars that would impress the hardest of emcees. Devlin, not to be outdone, uses his years of experience to compliment Wombats ferociousness with his well constructed verses and a technical takeover that hones in with the precision of a guided missile.

…All these cunts wanna claim they came from the guttah, you came from your mother cunt!”


Even though Wombat has been around for a moment now, we feel this is just the beginning of what’s coming from The Bat. No word on an upcoming album just yet, but with the release of this collab we feel we’re on the cusp. With such a great outcome from their first collaboration, it’s hard for us not want to see a joint EP from these two in the near future. Who knows…

You can check out the visuals for Adrenaline above, filmed by AV Club/No1 Network & Risky Roadz. Keep up to date with Wombat here and Devlin here.


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Pistol Pete & Enzo, Return Stronger Than Ever With New Single ‘The Top’

Biordi Music is proud to present Pistol Pete & Enzo’s first new release under their label ‘The Top’. The new single, which goes by the same title – ‘The Top’ – is out now and is the beginning of a new journey for the Australian rap duo, who have returned harder and stronger than ever.

Pistol Pete & Enzo are well known within the industry for their raw and lyrical bars and ‘The Top’ remains true to their style while also showcasing a more diversified version of themselves. Through the new single it is evident that one of their greatest strengths in the Rap Game is the use of word play.

From one-liner puns such as “Put ‘em on the board cause they’re never gonna notice (know this)” to references from renown Disney movies, “if they’re lying (lion) about the king then they can get scarred,” the duo have no trouble piecing together sophisticated and unique lyrics. ‘The Top’ delivers a strong message of resilience and perseverance, an insight to their life and come-up as they make a significant return to the scene.

Pistol Pete & Enzo say, “’The Top’ is a track that showcases our versatilities in the current Australian rap game. Being in this game for some time now we’ve copped lot of love but also a lot of hate. In this track we are stating that ‘The Top’ is where we are heading regardless. This track is uplifting and has a feel-good vibe, but at the same time we stay true to our ways and we still talk our talk. ‘The Top’ is just the start of our new journey and in due time we will be there!”

‘The Top’ is released through Biordi Music, written by Pistol Pete & Enzo and produced by RELYT. Listen HERE


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UK to AUS – Yizzy Releases the video for ‘Yeah’ RMX feat. Shadow and Nerve

Keeping the international Grime momentum moving: Yizzy, Shadow and Nerve are releasing the slick visual for ‘YEAH’ RMX.Set against a monochrome filter, the track kicks off with striking cinematic horn samples moving straight through to Yizzy’s high energy chorus -throwing back to the old school call and response Grime bars, juxtaposed with the choral samples that legendary producer Mr Virgo has become well known for.

One for the club and for the car, ‘YEAH’ RMX is 4 minutes of unrelenting power. Shadow and Nerve’s respective verses embrace the 140BPM energy whilst giving it their own unique Aussie flair – musically and visually.

Yizzy is an MC demanding attention. A massive 2018 for the artist saw him release the critically acclaimed EP: ‘SOS’ – stacking up several million Spotify streams, and numerous end of year lists.

Both Shadow and Nerve are known figures on the Australian hip hop scene and are now emerging onto the global grime scene with features on the Triple J show and 100’s of live shows under their belt.

Pushing for international grime to be more than a passing trend – this collaboration is defining the evolving scope of what it might look like.


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Macshane Makes His Mark On 2019 With Long-Awaited Debut EP, The Macshane EP

Half man, half machine: Macshane is a rap anomaly. Born and bred in the Perth hills, he exploded onto the Perth music scene out of nowhere in 2015, and quickly rose to prominence as an MC and force not to be reckoned with. Now, he’s set to make his mark on 2019 with the release of his long-awaited debut EP, The Macshane EP.

Drawing on influences from all corners of hip-hop and electronic music to deliver intricate wordplay, complex flows and a unique perspective on concepts and themes, Macshane explores all of this and more on his debut EP. In 2018, Macshane released three singles further highlighting his innate skills not just as an MC but as a lyrical wordsmith as well, capitalising on his collaborative friendship with producer Unkle Ricky to create genre-defying tracks that see the two working in perfect harmony, with the pair “bouncing drums and melodies back and forth until we found a vibe.”

Straight off the back of his most recent single, ‘I Said’, which was described by Macshane as a “declaration of intent, a call to arms and an assertion of self in three minutes of fury,” Macshane is doubling down with the release of his long-awaited debut. Describing it as “nothing less than a journey from conception to writing and recording,” he went onto say he felt “lucky to finally tap a highly talented musical medium to unleash my thoughts, struggles and self realisations.” “I finally learnt to speak my mind and make music for myself as opposed to appeasing a trend or particular sound. Therefore I was unapologetic in dealing with themes such as self doubt, relationships, and ultimately the battle between who I think I am and what others think of me.” Solidifying his reputation as one of the country’s finest rappers, Macshane delivers a consistent body of work that isn’t afraid to dig deep into his own mind as well as society at large. Not shying away from trying new things and subverting preconceived notions of rap and hip hop in Australia, Macshane lays it all out on the table across seven tracks that each showcase a different element of his artistic identity.

With four singles already out in the world and three previously unheard new tracks, The Macshane EP highlights a rapper truly stepping into his own as an artist, and serves as not only the end of one chapter but the start of another – this really is just the beginning for Macshane.

The Macshane EP is out April 12th.


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Talakai Enters 2019 With A Heavy Release

“Dream big, chase that, dig deep ‘cause I live for the lottery.” Talakai enters 2019 on the same high he left 2018, with a huge and heavy release.

Lottery, features dirty, dense production and heavy lyrics however, in Lottery Talakai brings the bounce, with an echoing, resonating hook which carries an underlying message of persistence and positivity. Renowned for heavy bars, razor flows and pine point delivery Talakai is at the forefront of the Australian Grime scene. After touring late 2017 off the back of the “Get Bodied” viral video series Talakai has been on the come up, playing sold out shows around the country and making cheeky appearances on Triple J’s Hip Hop show.

Far from the young kid coming up locally in the Newcastle scene Talakai has taken the movement nationally, oozing bravado and lyricism to rival the countries best. Gearing up for a huge 2019, Talakai sets his sights on the top with his debut EP in the works. With 2019 off to a blazing start, you can catch Talakai supporting ChillinIt on his sold out  The Ashes “Women Weed and Wordplay” Tour throughout March, April and May.


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Interview: Mitchos Da Menace Breaks His ‘SILENCE’

aahh: Compared to your previous two releases, how do you see ‘silence’ the album representing your evolution as an artist?
Menace: Brother, I was hoping that the fans could answer that question for me. Since you’re asking me though, you listen to the first album, the second album and then the third one. From that, you can see the evolution. It’s maturity bro. I had to mature with my life experiences and what’s going on at the moment and that is portrayed in my music. I’m the MENACE and you all know it now! MGR.

aahh: On the title track SILENCE you state that “you like silence but can’t stand it” can you elaborate further on the ideas behind this track and the title of the album?
Menace: It’s me saying I like to be alone but it’s going be the death of me… I self destruct in different terms, it means a lot on a personal level. I actually got a beat from Oagz called “Serenade Of Silence”. I made the album from that beat and that idea.


aahh: How do you see independent artists such as yourself shaping the future of hip hop in this country?
Menace: We are the future of Aus Hip-Hop. We have so many talented artists making moves. From Manu Crooks heading to the USA and us collaborating with UK artists. We have helped shape it whether people accept/or like it or not! We carve lanes and inspire people in the local scene!

aahh: There have been numerous positive comments we’ve read about the beat selection on the new LP. What was your process for choosing the beats on the album?
Menace: I’ve been in a dark place over the last year Jim. This includes stuff with my family and myself. I needed to get a lot off my chest. The beats I picked touched me, to be honest. Deep dark and melodic.

aahh: You’ve opened silence with a small intro, can you tell us more about this and how it relates to the wider concepts on the album?
Menace: In simpler terms, it means “We stay silent, if a problem arises, me and my family take care of it, we don’t speak out to others, stay silent” – Mitchos The Menace!

aahh: What’s next for Menace?
Menace: I have a really big year ahead. 2019 will change a lot of lives, I’ll be giving 100% in everything I do! Keep your eyes peeled, you might even catch us overseas! MG201L7 .

You can purchase the latest LP from Menace – ‘Silence’ here. You can also cop the latest merch here.


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UK To Australia: UK Grime Artist Yizzy Release’s ‘YEAH’ Remix feat. Nerve & Shadow

Traditionally rooted heavily in London culture, Yizzy is making pioneering moves to bring together the global grime talent base starting by teaming up with two of Australia’s best: ‘Shadow’ and ‘Nerve’, for the first major international Grime collaboration on this remix of his high octane banger – ‘YEAH’.0N1A2794.jpgThe track kicks off with striking cinematic horn samples moving straight through to Yizzy’s high energy chorus -throwing back to the old school call and response Grime bars, juxtaposed with the choral samples that legendary producer Mr Virgo has become well known for. One for the club and for the car, YEAH is 4 minutes of unrelenting power. Shadow and Nerve’s respective verses embrace the 140BPM energy whilst giving it their own unique Aussie flair.Yizzy is an MC who demands attention, his rapid rise in the scene proves that he is a force to be reckoned with. A massive 2018 with the critically acclaimed ‘SOS’ EP saw Yizzy stack up several million Spotify streams and numerous end of year lists. Causing serious heat in the underground, previously collaborating with Terror Danjah, Treble Clef and Skengdo and AM, it seems there is no stopping him for 2019.

Both Shadow and Nerve are known figures on the Australian scene and recently emerging onto the global grime scene with features on the triple j show and 100’s of live shows under their belt. One of the front runners of the next generation of grime, Yizzy is pioneering not only the sound but also the changing scope of what next generation grime means.


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PREMIERE: Melbourne’s SERU Levels Up With Fraksha on New Single ‘Dead Zone’

Levelling up with is artist on the rise Isaiah Seru aka Seru. Residing in Melbourne, Seru has been putting that work in, having released multiple new tracks within the last month. All of which show promising signs of things to come. His new track ‘Dead Zone’ featuring the don of Melbourne Fraksha is no different

The team here at aahh! are proud to serve up Seru’s latest single and accompanying visuals, directed by Joe Ninety and released by TIMELE88 Visuals Dead Zone echoes strong grime influences with a touch of Aussie flavour. Stylistically, a considered approach has been taken, which is laid out in a clip on some dapper shit.

I’m the boss of the comrades
caviar with the cognac
cuban cigar with a top hat
I’m the new face of this aus rap

Seru is one to keep an eye on, you can find more of his work here. We suggest you check it out. You can follow him on Instagram here and Fraksha here.

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