Tasman Keith shares new single ‘CONFIDENT’; announces forthcoming debut mixtape

Off the back of two sold-out shows in Sydney and the 2020 J Award for Best Australian Music Video Of The Year overnight, ascendant Bowraville-born rapper Tasman Keith today shares his latest single, ‘CONFIDENT’, and announces the forthcoming release of his debut mixtape To Whom It May Concern due this year.

Muscular and minimal, ‘CONFIDENT’ leans into the trunk-rattling, bare-bones style of previous single ‘BILLY BAD AGAIN’. With twisted, nocturnal synths, skittish percussion, and a late beat switch leading to a raucous, half-time climax, ‘CONFIDENT’ is not the first time Keith’s music can compare to Kendrick Lamar’s. What makes the comparison all the more apparent is Tasman’s finely-tuned craft; a flow that moves between leisurely, unapologetic aplomb and razor-sharp lucidity, oozing tenacity, perseverance, and an elemental self-assuredness no matter which gear he’s operating in. The result is goosebump inducing furore.

“Over the three verses in this song, I’m speaking to three different things,” Tasman shares. “In the first verse, I’m speaking on the confidence within myself. The second is me showing my confidence to the suits in the industry, and the third is showing it to racists/bigots. The third verse is also a moment where all three things are addressed in one verse.”

2020 has seen Tasman’s profile continue to rise through collaborations and guest features, appearing on Jimmy Nice’s ‘Same Water’, Northern Territory producer Kuya James’ powerful single ‘No Country’, including its own stripped-back version ‘No Country (Piano In F Minor)‘, and alongside Jessica Mauboy on ‘First Nation’, the second single lifted from The Makarrata ProjectMidnight Oil’s first studio album in over 18 years. Tasman capped yet another banner year with his debut TV performance twice on the second season of The ABC‘s live music series, The Sound.

Despite ‘CONFIDENT‘ being only his second solo release of the year this far, Tasman Keith continues to live up to its title – and then some.  ‘CONFIDENT’ by Tasman Keith is out now, buy/stream it here. To Whom It May Concern Mixtape out Dec 11.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Hooligan Hefs Drops His Hard-Hitting New Single And Video For “Send It!”

Since his monumental breakthrough in 2019, Western Sydney emcee Hooligan Hefs has been redefining homegrown hip-hop with his street-ready anthems, trademarked with his own unapologetic flair and uniquely brazen style. A newfound pioneer of Australian drill, the Samoan/Chinese artist today drops his new hard-hitting, party rap single “SEND IT!”.  

On the single, Hooligan Hefs notes “me and open till l8 cooked this one up over a year ago, when we made it, we knew it was a big tune, keen to finally get it out to the people. This is the song for summer, grab your drink, SEND IT! and party hard.”

The single also comes along side an epic new music video, directed by Jaen Collective. On the video, Hefs adds “we just wanted to have fun with it, so we pulled out the mailman idea, something different, but you know we had to still party.” 

Dubbed the biggest rap act and breakout solo act in Australia for 2019, Hefs backed that up earlier this year by releasing his highly-anticipated and #1 iTunes debut EP, Living In SinThe EP saw Hefs delve into a more reflective and reserved side of his artistry, working with melodic vocalists and fellow Australian rising stars like Blueboy and Billymaree and UK drill favourite Dimzy of 67.

Now with five singles landing at #1 on the YouTube trending charts, over 70 million plays on Spotify, one ARIA Platinum record (“No Effect”), three ARIA Gold records (“The Party”, “Tell Em I’m Doing Eetswa and “IYKYK”), headline performances at Lost City, Meredith Music Festival and Spotify’s ‘A1 Live’ event and collaborations with global stars including AitchS1mba and Dimzy, Hefs is one of the few Australian rappers with proven worldwide reach. With the release of his new single “SEND IT!”, Hefs delivers yet another smash hit that’s best played at festivals, clubs and kick-ons, and one that’ll stay on repeat all summer.

With Hefs having been in the spotlight for just over a year, his achievements read like that of a seasoned veteran. But for Hefs, the best is yet to come.

Stream and download it HERE.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Adelaides Social Change Release New Single ‘Top 5’

Social Change have been a fixture of the Adelaide Hip Hop scene for over a decade now, working closely with producer Funkwig, SC have released projects such as The V High EP, The Phat Tape and the Coming Through EP.

Internationally, Social Change have collaborated with the likes of Del The Funky Homosapien, Inkswel, Pugs Atoms, Blu, and countless other Hip Hop heavyweights and have showcased some of these collabs on the ‘Change Got Collabs Mixtape‘ available exclusively via bandcamp.

Their latest track titled ‘Top 5’ marks the next journey in the SC legacy, swift raps backed by ‘bang it in ya jeep’ beats from Funkwig. It also begs the question, who is in your Top 5?

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Sophiya Channels Her Boss Alter Ego With New Single ‘Chief O’ Kief’

After making her long-awaited return earlier this year with the hard hitting ‘Rosie’, Melbourne rapper SOPHIYA is back for more this week with new single ‘Chief O’ Kief’. Originating from a freestyle recording she wrote last year, SOPHIYA pays tribute to her favourite recreational herb while also going deeper in her mission to personify self-empowerment with this latest single.

Over a deep, rumbling bass, she remains as formidable as ever on the mic as she effortlessly takes aim at Melbourne’s underground rap scene. Drawing inspiration from pioneering rapper Chief Keef, SOPHIYA explained, “Chief O’ Kief is an alter ego I created that runs the streets in the underground rap scene of Melbourne. The song pays tribute to my favourite recreational herb.”

Released alongside the song is another stellar visual from SOPHIYA, taking her on a wild trip down the rabbit hole thanks to a very welcome herbal surprise. “I thought it would be perfect to release a super chill music video during these uncertain times for everyone to enjoy and de-stress,” SOPHIYA said

SOPHIYA is always one to bring her community along with her, and this clip is no different. Teaming up with models Jassyyfizzle, Babygyal, Vanessa Librea and Iannah as well as linking up with formidable dancer Xavier Gibson once again, the ‘Chief O’Kief’ video also sees SOPHIYA work with previous collaborators 76m Films X Fun Films who she worked with on the ‘White Ivory’ video, as well as Johnny Yayo who directed the video for previous single ‘Rosie’. “I thought it would be dope to fuse their styles to bring together two of Melbourne’s best filmmakers.”

New single ‘Chief O’ Kief’ also sees SOPHIYA once again in the producer seat, working alongside rising Melbourne producer HAMLEY for added co-production flair. Also teaming up again with DOPAM!NE for mixing duties, ‘Chief O’ Kief’ is an exercise in SOPHIYA’s versatility, effortlessly switching up her flow without ever missing a beat. From the addictive hook that will be stuck in your head for days, to the playful, spitfire verses she lays down like it’s no big deal, ‘Chief O’ Kief’ puts her impressive lyrical prowess on full display.

From receiving love from triple j, triple j Unearthed and tastemakers Acclaim and Purple Sneakers, to unleashing a show-stopping freestyle for Red Bull’s 64 Bars series (which sits at 500K views and counting), SOPHIYA’s brand of empowered, bold and braggadocious hip hop continues to shake things up. And there’s still plenty more to come.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Jimblah drops new single ‘About these Demons’

First Nations artist and Blak Visionary Jimblah stops us in our tracks with ‘About These Demons’.

‘About These Demons’ drives home the grief, loss and dispossession experienced by First Nations communities at the hands of colonisers. Speaking more directly, lyrics like ‘Balanda Balanda y’all need an intervention’ and ‘y’all missed the message when you fail to see what you inherit’ ask white Australia to stop pretending things are getting better when it’s still business as usual. 

What more can I possibly say, I’m exhausted. Running since I was 12, since I started noticing that the world was a very different place for me compared to the other kids. Running with a target on my back. 

What these songlines represent is, we as First Peoples don’t want to see this happening, the difference is we aren’t able to just turn our backs on it. We don’t have that option. So we have to be active about confronting these demons, we have to activate in a way that is working towards this healing of Country. So many people claim they love this Country, but the truth is – they love to exploit this Country. If they really loved this Country, they would love us, & we would be side by side battling these demons together.

We need every single person who stands on this sacred Country to be activated, not just on socials, but at the dinner table, at the march, at the workplace, on the stage, in the board rooms, at parliament – that’s what true reconciliation will look like – when we are actually working together on this healing and it’s not just on the First Peoples to rid this Country of its on-going genocide and our beautiful way of being”.


With gorgeous, soulful production, Jimblah’s vocals and heart are front and centre on ‘About These Demons’. The track builds on a string of powerful releases from 2019 that speak to race politics within Australia including ‘No Clapstick’, ‘Black Paint’ and ‘House N***er’, each offering crucial guidance on the journey to decolonisation and highlighting Jimblah’s essential voice.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Freesouls Keep Delivering With ‘Living Legend’ Music Video

Freesouls deliver yet another blow with the brand new music video from their recent single ‘Living Legend’. The film clip welcomes you into their South-West Sydney lifestyle when good times are ever present. Light hearted, homegrown and vibe friendly, Freesouls stay true to their music as it pays homage to their friends and family.

The video orchestrates that feeling you get when you just want to kiss your mum and say thanks after 3 beers. Dancing for a good time, drinking with your mates and getting up to date with happiness. Something we can all agree we have missed more than anything. The clip highlights what we are so eager to be a part of once again, making it so relatable.

From the moment it launches, you are instantly drawn in by the melodic hook that quickly paints a picture of gratitude of which is the group’s intention with ‘Living Legend“. World class production combined with varied but effortless vocals, makes for a great visual and a wave of nostalgia.

Living Legend is a special release for us as it’s an ode to those who have shared this journey with us from the beginning. Our family and day 1’s have been our biggest support.”


With proven versatility as a collective, together with their live show and recorded content, we are reminded that Freesouls are a group in love with their art and it’s hard to not get excited about the trajectory they are on, and with a debut EP slated for late this year, ‘Living Legend’ presents itself as the perfect breakthrough.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Triple One share new single ‘Loverose’, the first from their debut album

Triple One has finally given fans a glimpse of their first full-length release. That comes in the form of ‘Loverose‘, a reflective yet triumphant single that continues to challenge the bounds of Australian Hip Hop.

Touching on sacrifice, the tentative nature of success, and what it means to achieve something in both their personal and professional lives, the new track contrasts these narratives with Elon Musk type exploration.  

“Loverose is a song about the flawed nature of intimate love. Humans are an imperfect creation and also mortal. This makes love a lot harder, but also a lot more beautiful.

Marty Bugatti

Triple One’s debut album has no set date for release just yet. The release of ‘Loverose’ follows three EPs and a torrent of standalone singles that have catapulted the foursome to international acclaim, including their ARIA Gold-certified mental health anthem ‘Butter‘ and radio favourites ‘So Easy‘ and ‘Handyman‘. 

Triple One’s notoriously chaotic live gigs include a sold-out national tour in 2019, and show-stealing sets at Listen OutHidden, and Falls Festival. ‘Loverose‘ by Triple One is out now, buy/stream it here.

Stay connected with Triple One:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Butter X A$AP Ferg X OneFour X Tapastry X Julian Cincotta “Eat It Again”

Ready for the line up of a lifetime?

Well here it is! Before we get into the details, this line up has come together due to a recognition of the need to do more in helping create support systems and new opportunities for kids at risk and kids in the justice system. Particularly those from aboriginal and pacific islander communities, who are over represented in the justice system.

Butter, by way of Executive Chef Julian Cincotta, in collaboration with A$AP Ferg and OneFour have released a new sandwich in line with the recent OneFour track featuring A$AP Ferg – “Say It Again”.

The sandwich, developed by Butter’s Executive Chef, Julian Cincotta (@JulianVCincotta), is the OneFourFerg Burg – Butter’s first crispy fish fillet, with a Japanese boiled-egg and fermented garlic tartar sauce, tomato and lettuce on a steamed milk bun. Believe us, it is so good you will want to eat it again! But more importantly all profits from the sale of the OneFourFerg Burg will be donated by Butter to Tapastry, but more on them below… A little bit about this once in a lifetime line up…

(Keep an ear out for A$AP Ferg’s Butter references in his verse!)

A$AP Ferg – a man that needs very little introduction. Part of the A$AP family and an honorable part of the Butter Sydney Family. A$AP ferg was here in Sydney in early 2020, had a party at Butter and recorded this killer track with OneFour. (@asapferg)

OneFour – the Mt Druitt boys making waves around the world with their version of hip hop. Claiming the title of Australia’s first drill group, OneFour vividly rap about their harsh realities of life on the streets with confronting honesty (@onefour_official)

Tapastry – a Western Sydney based entity, with over a decade of experience designing and facilitates creative youth programs. Their aim is to utilise hip-hop to encourage positive change in the lives of young people in the Justice system and in community, utilising the skills of OneFour creatives to assist with developing workshops for young people. On this, MC Trey from Tapastry says “Historically, there has been significant research and impact evaluation into how hip-hop engages young people and the ability to work through complex issues and facilitate transformative experiences. This initiative will aim to build on this work.” (FB: Tapastry / IG: @treythelma)

This very special sandwich will be available from Tuesday 23 June to Sunday 5 July. This OneFourFerg Burg sandwich with a side of Butter’s famous laces will be going for $22 as dine in or takeaway or $24 via our delivery partners – UberEATS, Deliveroo and Menulog. It will be available from all 3 Butter sites:

Butter Surry Hills, Butter Parramatta and the Butter x Thievery pop up in Glebe – There will be limited numbers available each day, so make sure you get in A$AP! (see what we did there?!?!) BUTTER – IT – FORWARD

For the period that the OneFourFerg Burg is available, any sales of our Butter-It-Forward vouchers will be donated to Tapastry too. So even if you aren’t lucky enough to be close to a Butter site, you can still contribute to this great cause. These vouchers can be purchased via the following link here.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Spanian Releases New Single ‘The Six’

“I rapped in prison when it wasn’t eeets to rap in prison…”

Sydneys very own Spanian aka the Armageddon Don has just unleashed his latest single titled ‘The Six’. The underground rapper has been making waves with not only his raw and honest approach to music but also via a series of viral videos where he breaks down stories from his past and time spent behind bars.

His authentic demeanour has gained a legion of fans and headlines from some of the biggest publishers on the planet. The Six, produced by DAYTODAY is a slow paced head nodding joint packed with everything fans have come to expect from Spanian, killer tails from the street and a pair of fresh Asics, but it doesn’t stop there. In true Spanian fashion he breaks down why he’s a real g and leaves no one questioning his position.

You talking heart I am man down to my true fabric, you’re talking brands I am Gant down to my two Asics. I carry things in the streets that I do stab with, and actual back what I say, you just do ad libs”.


Spanian has gone from strength to strength over the past year, and if The Six is anything to go by we’re in for some hectic new tracks on the horizon and hopefully a full album release soon. The Six dropped alongside a straight up street styled film clip, filmed and edited by The Last Addition. The locations on this one echo stories the Sydney rapper has shared in the past putting his city firmly in focus. Be sure to bang this one loud, you can keep up to date with Spanian here.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Sydney Rapper YIBBY Puts the Visuals to Laid Back New Single ‘No Sweat

Teaming up with regular collaborator Andy Bull, YIBBY reveals the vintage-tinged visuals for current single ‘No Sweat’ which premiered recently, illustrating the blossoming and quick breakdown of a friendship.

Once again the Ethiopian-born, South Sydney-raised rapper has teamed up with dynamic producing duo Clockwork Odyssey to create a funk riddled track full of swirling synths and a bouncing beat, as a bed for YIBBY’s signature animated flow. YIBBY explains the content saying “No Sweat is about not stressing while going through adversity or dealing with things and still celebrating the wins.”

Since its premiere on triple j’s Home & Hosed, ‘No Sweat’ was included in The Guardian’s Best Music for May.

Forever a melting pot of genres, YIBBY’s music always comes accompanied with coming of age tales and food for thought bars. His debut single ‘Woah’ came in late 2018 signalling the start of a rapid fire first year for the now 20-year-old which consisted of the Lost In Translation EP and a hard-hitting team up with fellow up-and-comer Raj Mahal.

Quickly gaining recognition from fans and media, last year he came in at #14 on FBi Radio’s Most Played Artists of 2019. He also left his mark on triple j’s Bars of Steel and FBi Radio’s Independent Play. Single ‘Folk’, pulled from his debut EP, was added to spot rotation on triple j, as well as full adds on triple j Unearthed, FBi Radio, SYN Radio, 4ZZZ and EDGE Radio, and spins on Beats Radio 1.

On the live circuit he’s cut his teeth supporting Drapht, Arno Faraji, Milan Ring and Kuren as well as performing a show-stopping set at Bad Friday Festival. 

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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