ChillinIT Welcomes Back ‘Like A Version’ With Brockhampton Cover

420 Fam’s very own ChillinIT, welcomes back triple j’s ‘Like A Version’, the first appearance of the show since it went on hiatus back in March.

Triple One member Lil Dijon joined the performance to take on Brockhampton’s SUGAR, taken from their 2019 album GINGER. The duo also celebrated the occasion with a performance of their collaboration ‘Lights Off’, which featured on ChillinIT’s 2019 album ‘The Octagon’. Back in April, ChillinIT released a ‘420 Deluxe Edition’ of ‘The Octagon’ featuring a handful of new tracks.

Expect to catch Chill on a rescheduled national tour throughout September and October. You can view the performances below:


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We Talk To Lakshane Ahead Of The Release Of His Brand New Single ‘Reload’

After the release of his self produced EP ‘Come Alive’ which picked up nods from Spotify and even an exclusive segment on Beats1 radio, rapper/producer powerhouse Lakshane is back at it, announcing a brand new single, ‘Reload’ that will be out on all major platforms on the 29th of May.

‘Reload’, like the Melbourne rapper’s previous music, is for the hip hop lovers, boasting a vibrant chorus and lyrics full of bravado that captures the true essence of this upcoming Australian talent. The instrumentals were created by Perth producer FRAAN, which complement the upbeat and high octane feel of the overall song.

Reload is something I wanted to get off my chest. I feel like I allow a lot of people into my life without a wall and they take advantage of it or don’t reciprocate the love. Reload expresses my ability to reset and keep going despite these people and the other barriers I encounter

Australia’s Hip Hop scene is definitely in its International boom right now. Sound wise I feel like we still have to find what makes us unique instead of adopting or copying others, Youngn Lipz, Chillinit and The Kid Laroi definitely bringing that though. I hope we can move past the boom bap and onto something new. With R&B there’s a lot of artists killing it from AU who aren’t talked about like rappers. They’re actually putting up great numbers and doing big things. Let’s hope we can make Australia’s urban music industry more profitable for artists“.

You can pre-save the track ahead of it’s release to all platforms here:

Instagram || Facebook || YouTube


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Australia’s Top 10 in 2019

With another year come and gone full of great releases, we take a quick look back at the year for hip-hop down under in Australia. It proved to be an exceptionally strong one and perhaps the year that hip hop from Australia truly broke out to significant mainstream recognition internationally. Below are ten of the biggest film clips from ten artists who left their mark on hip hop from Australia in 2019.

HP Boyz (Melbourne)

Hooligan Hefs (Sydney)

LISI (Brisbane)

ChillinIT (Sydney)

Kerser (Sydney)

Youngn Lipz (Sydney)

Complete (Perth)

Mitchos Da Menace (Sydney)

That Kid Kearve (Sydney)

Wombat (Tasmania)

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Is ‘Freedom’ ChillinIT’s first shot at radio play?

ChillinIT is, without question, the most exciting new hip-hop artist in Australia, one of the most revered new rappers in the Southern Hemisphere and an emerging cult figure among his legion of dedicated fans, the 420 Family.

His independently released debut album “Women, Weed & Wordplay” has amassed over 35 million streams since its release in October 2018.

And his debut national tour, dubbed The Ashes, saw ChillinIT embark on his first-ever headline run over twenty sold-out dates, selling a remarkable 8000+ tickets across the country with virtually no mainstream media presence. Soon he will be the first Australian artist to appear on BBC 1’s Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.

‘Freedom’, has been lifted from ChillinIT’s upcoming sophomore album ‘The Octagon’. Stay tuned for more details soon.

In the meantime, you can catch him performing at FOMO Festival.


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FOMO 2020 Drops Full Festival Line Up featuring ChillinIt

One Stage • No Clashes • Party Together

The FOMO 2020 wait is over. The line up for the much loved one day, one stage, all-inclusive festival is here. Taking in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne with some special shows in Perth and Auckland, the festival has already announced headliner BROCKHAMPTON and breakout UK artist, OCTAVIAN.


Headed up by Kevin Abstract, the Texas-via-California rap collective BROCKHAMPTON defy all pre-existing stereotypes of a boy band. They are a self-sufficient creative enterprise made of rappers, directors, photographers, engineers, producers, graphic designers and DJs. They consistently change the game and deliver a fully unified and realized artistic vision.

ChillinIt is, without question, the most exciting new hip-hop artist in Australia, one of the most revered new rappers in the Southern Hemisphere and an emerging cult figure to his legion of dedicated fans, the 420 Family. A product of a vibrant, multicultural Australia, ChillinIt is a brash, cricket loving, Lebanese kid from South West Sydney, on the verge of stardom by simply being himself, on a mission to bring Australian rap culture to the world.

Building a devoted following from scratch thanks to his must-follow Instagram page, millions of YouTube views on his fiery viral videos and a sold out 15 show national tour, ChillinIt has forced his way to the forefront of the new guard of Australian rap

Plus triple j Unearthed and local artists to be announced

FOMO AUSTRALIAN TOUR: Presented by BBE and triple j
BRISBANE: Saturday 4 January
Brisbane Showgrounds – NEW VENUE!
11:30AM – 10:00PM
18+ Licenced Event

ADELAIDE: Sunday 5 January
Elder Park 11:30AM – 10:30PM
16+ Licenced Event (you MUST be 16 or over to attend)

SYDNEY: Saturday 11 January
Parramatta Park 12:00PM – 11:00PM
18+ Licenced Event

MELBOURNE: Sunday 12 January
Melbourne Showgrounds – NEW VENUE!12:00PM – 10:00PM
16+ Licenced Event (you MUST be 16 or over to attend)

Pre-Sale tickets will go on sale from 9:00AM (local time) Wednesday 3 July until 5:00PM (local time) Sunday 7 July, unless sold out prior. Pre-Sale tickets are only available via sign up.

GA Pre-Sale
$129.90 including BF
VIP Pre-Sale (18+ only)
$189.90 including BF
Includes an expedited entry lane, dedicated VIP Area with fancy loos, shade and seating, cloak room, phone charge station, exclusive bar offerings and two free standard drink cards.

General public tickets will go on sale from 9:00AM (local time) Monday 8 July.

GA First Release
$139.90 including BF
GA Final Release
$149.90 including BF
VIP Main Release (18+ only)
$199.90 including BF
Includes an expedited entry lane, dedicated VIP Area with fancy loos, shade and seating, cloak room, phone charge station, exclusive bar offerings and two free standard drink cards.

All ticket purchases are subject to a $4.95 fee per transaction and are inclusive of GST.


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MC Raj Discusses New Album, Tour Life & Going International In New Interview

ahhh: You’ve been working hard in the scene for at least 3 years now, you released an LP titled To Be Crowned way back in 2016. How do you look back on that release 3 years on? Do you think your style has evolved over that period?
MC Raj: Yeah bro, ‘To Be Crowned’ was the first lil’ project I put out and my first attempt at getting my music out there. I’m not gonna lie, when I look back at that LP I still think some of the lyrics are some of my best. Some. Definitely not all of them aha. I was really just getting into writing properly when I dropped that, at the time I was trying to find my sound and what style suited me best.
The point of that LP was to show off my versatility from Boom Bap to Grime and Trap. I’ve definitely come a long way since then and personally feel like I have found what styles and sounds suit my flows. That LP is nothing compared to the album I got coming soon.


ahhh: In 2017 you backed it up and released Catch Me If You Can, tell us a bit about that album and what you were trying to achieve by releasing that album? There seemed to be some big boom bap influences on that album
MC Raj: Ayy you have done your research, legend. ‘Catch Me If You Can’ I started working on as soon as I had finished writing the last song from the LP before. I was really tryna get my foot in the door of the Aussie hip-hop scene with this one, tryna make myself recognised. But still staying true to my roots. I started off just freestyling to boom bap beats before I put my pen to pad, so boom bap for me is something that comes easy and sort of just flows because of that.
While I did use boom bap beats for a lot of the songs, I tried to test myself and see how much I could change the flow schemes or speed during these tracks, instead of sticking to the usual bar for bar flow that I used to come with. Ummm, my main influence would just be day to day living my bro. I mean my day to day is probably very different to the average person… but that’s what makes it special in a verse I guess. The ups in life and the downs especially are what helps me write and come up with concepts. At the end of the day, I’m doing this for me, the shit is like therapy. If people like it that’s a bonus.

ahhh: 2018 seemed like a massive year for yourself as a rapper. You didn’t release an album but it felt like you used the year to build a lot of connections and really give yourself a platform to take over in 2019. Would you agree with that?
MC Raj: Yeah brother. 2018 was massive. Mitchos Da Menace, my big brother dropped me into MenaceGvng at the start of 2018 and that turned my life around in terms of Music and the scene in general. I started doing shows with him, backing him up, and doing a couple of my own songs too.
It was really a fuckin massive year bro, from losing friends and family, couch surfing wherever I could, doing dirt that I never saw myself doing to meeting some of the biggest rappers in Australia and some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to writing. 2018 was the worst and best year of my life, real talk. I’ll only ever say I really got into the scene in 2018, before that I was just going on live freestyling and filming off my iPhone doing verses for the people. Besides a few one takes with OneLove. My intention was to drop this Album that I’m about to drop ‘8EEN’ in 2018. Things didn’t go all to plan there, but it has been finished for ages, just have to sort out the bizzo side of things.


aahh: 2019 has continued in pretty much the same fashion as 2018 and you’ve dropped some big tracks such as Real Talk (Rajmix) with BodyBag Media and of course 201MG-RAJXDB which was massive with DB. Why do you think the track with DB connected so well with ya fans and what was the motivation behind that track?
Mc Raj: 2019 kicked off insane. I had a couple lil’ shows with all my 201 and Sickwad brothers in gong. I started seeing a lot more of them towards the end of 2018 and onward. 201MG featuring DB was a sick start to the year, I don’t think either of us was expecting the love that was gonna come from the release of that track.
DB is my brother, love the kent to bits, we had been speaking about doing a track together for ages. One night at Svlty’s house we were pretty deep in a seshpit and just found a beat and got to it. Both of us finished our verses within an hour and got straight to recording it that night. I’m gonna be doing a whole lot of tracks with DB in the future, maybe even a joint LP. Both of us are fairly like-minded and we both fuck with each other’s sounds and flows. I think that song worked so well in particular because we were both writing it next to each other (we was probably just as high as each other too) and we were both on some ignorant mood the whole night. Worked out well. Shoutout DB and Svlty.

aahh: One of the first live shows we heard you were involved was put on by Fortay. I believe it’s where you met Mitchos Da Menace. How did that show change your trajectory as an artist? 
MC Raj: Yeah lad, it was a show in Newcastle hosted by TKO and it had artists like Fortay, Kearve, Mitchos, TKO, T-Wreckz and the Sub C lads. Myself and Menace had seen each other around before this, but It was the first time we sort of got to know each other. That show was a big one for me, I’d never done a proper set before too start off with, let alone with Artists I listened to frequently like Menace and Fort. After that show I really picked up my shit, I never realised how important stage presence was until then. I’ve been working on that ever since.
I rep Menace Gvng first off and 201 for sure bruz. Menace had been seeing me on facebook with those iPhone clips and the OneTakes with onelovecreations. One time I was on live just freestyling and he was watching me go, he just commented something like ‘Bruzz, come join MG… we can turn you into a weapon‘. I took that opportunity and didn’t look back, and Menace has done exactly what he said he would. I got into 201 by kickin’ back with a lot of the lads in it, especially Huskii. I met Huskii at the start of 2018, and throughout 2018 I ended up doing a lot of his backups at shows we would bump into each other at, the first one being in Melbourne. After that, If we were at a show and he was one outs on stage, I would be up there with him doing his backups and geeing up the crowd. MG201 is a problem, trust me.


aahh: We couldn’t have an interview with you without mentioning King Huskii, what kind of influence do you think Huskii has had on the local scene and on yourself as an artist?
MC Raj: Huskii brought something to the scene that no one had ever really seen, heard or done. Like Mitchos did with his aggressive, ignorant and intricate bars. Huskii was really on some different shit, from the moment I heard his stuff back in late 2016-2017 I became obsessed, I related and felt it on a whole different level. His bars and songs either made me want to crawl up and hug myself or go out and go back to my old ways… you know how that goes. He has impacted the scene majorly, anyone who doubts that is doubting themselves. Facts.
He influenced me a lot more then he might think, after hearing his songs I felt like I didn’t need to hold back on any of the stuff I had been suppressing. Gave me a boost in confidence, real talk before I was with 201 I was like a fanboy, minus the fantasies, same goes for Menacegvng. But yeah bro, Huskii has impacted me greatly, when I was kicked out and was surfing couch to couch, his music is one of the only things that kept me going. I couldn’t even rest properly unless I was pumping his tracks. I never would have thought I’d be backing him up on stage and become close with him. Same goes for Mitchos.

aahh: You were involved in one of the biggest clips of 2018 in ChillinIt’s Wish You Well Part 2 (It’s A Vibe) what was that day like?
MC Raj: Hahaha far out bra that day was loose. To this day It was still the best day I’ve had filming a music video, to be honest halfway through it I had sooo much VB I’d almost forgotten we were filming a music video. It just felt I was getting smashed with the lads hahaha. But oath brother, It definitely is one of the biggest music videos that has come outta Australia. Chill is doing his thing bro, good on him for getting to where he is at.


aahh: You’ve been a part of some huge shows of late. Tell us do you have any tips on surviving tour life? We know shit can get hectic pretty quickly
MC Raj: Thanks my bra, legend. Touring around can be pretty hectic at times, I still haven’t seen a few States here, but no doubt about it, I will end up performing in all major cities soon enough. But yeah bro, from what I have seen for myself and for others, touring can either be really great or really baddd. If I had any advice for it, go get it, do what you need to do and for your own sake, don’t get fucked up before the shows, save that for after. I’ve seen too many artists slip up and even seen an artist who couldn’t perform his set anymore due to the fact he was so munted.
Even with the afters… don’t go too hard. I’ve made that mistake myself too many times and just been completely worn out for the following week. If you have consecutive shows, the after celebrations of each show could be your demise. Facts.

aahh: If you want to achieve one thing in 2019 what would that be? 
MC Raj: Greatness brother, I want to be able to say I feel accomplished for what I’ve done this year. I’ve never really been able to say that for myself. So that would definitely be the main ambition. In terms of music bro, I need to drop this album ‘8EEN’ and a few single tracks with features like Mitchos, DB, Svlty, Tryl, Rops… too many to mention bruz. I’m going to be releasing two projects this year g. I’m already 5 tracks into the next project I’m working on. I’ve been silent for a reason, these two drops will change everyone’s perspective on me and that is guaranteed.


aahh: A lot of artists aim to go international, is that something you think about? Do you think it’s realistic for an underground artist in Australia to do so or do you think it’s only really possible for those who have support from a major label?
MC Raj: Yeah brother that’s the plan, I wanna be able to go to the States with MG and the 201 lads. Once America sees all the talent we have down here, trust me, they will be shocked. They have been sleeping on us. Facts. It is seeming like it is more and more possible to be able to get heard over their and that is sick! We just need to get the right artists their and show them what’s up. I can 100% see myself and the lads rocking stages in the states and travelling, that would be dope as fuck. But if anyone thinks they can make it to the states before making it in their own country, let’s face it, they be dreaming. It’s a long rough road that I’m willing to walk to get there. It won’t be easy. But MenaceGvng is always keen for the competition.
In my opinion, It doesn’t matter if the artist is underground or not, if they have the hustle and grind, anyone can become bigger and better. I do think having a Major label is significant, which is sad because some of the signed artists I know, don’t work nearly as hard as the majority of the underground rappers. But yeah bro, if you’re on the grind and have that vision, anything is possible. I mean look at half of these mumble rapping fellas, in my opinion, some of the major ones are trash, I can’t understand a single fuckin word in their songs except lean and xans, but that doesn’t matter because they had the grind to get themselves where they at. It’s possible.

Follow MC Raj on Instagram  ||  YouTube  ||  Facebook

Photos by @durtbagdan


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Talakai Enters 2019 With A Heavy Release

“Dream big, chase that, dig deep ‘cause I live for the lottery.” Talakai enters 2019 on the same high he left 2018, with a huge and heavy release.

Lottery, features dirty, dense production and heavy lyrics however, in Lottery Talakai brings the bounce, with an echoing, resonating hook which carries an underlying message of persistence and positivity. Renowned for heavy bars, razor flows and pine point delivery Talakai is at the forefront of the Australian Grime scene. After touring late 2017 off the back of the “Get Bodied” viral video series Talakai has been on the come up, playing sold out shows around the country and making cheeky appearances on Triple J’s Hip Hop show.

Far from the young kid coming up locally in the Newcastle scene Talakai has taken the movement nationally, oozing bravado and lyricism to rival the countries best. Gearing up for a huge 2019, Talakai sets his sights on the top with his debut EP in the works. With 2019 off to a blazing start, you can catch Talakai supporting ChillinIt on his sold out  The Ashes “Women Weed and Wordplay” Tour throughout March, April and May.


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Turquoise Prince Releases Brand New Single ‘Some Nights’

“Turquoise Prince is fast gaining notoriety for his irreverent humour, irresistible charm, and explosive live show” – All Aussie Hip Hop

Turquoise Prince is back with a stellar new single titled Some Nights. The upbeat track, which premiered on Triple J’s Home & Hosed program, is the first official offering since the much-celebrated release of Lighter, however in the interim the Canberra-bred MC/rapper (who was recently named as one of YouTube’s Artists To Watch in 2019) has successfully kept his growing legion of fans satisfied; releasing the cheeky banger Eric Banas and the hard-hitting street track Concussed a special collaboration with buzzing rapper ChillinIt.


Some Nights offers something different. The dreamy yet club-ready garage beat provides a canvas for Turquoise to lay himself bare with musings on a lost love. “It’s a song that’s close to my heart, I wrote it when I was in a sad place, everyone’s been there.” Introspective and vulnerable, this is a side of Turquoise that is always there, often hidden behind a tough exterior, but never forgotten.

His music journey started with a diss track about his Year 7 teacher Mrs Gupta, eventually graduating to rap battles against his Canberra classmates. And whether those early battles resulted in praise or punch-ons, Turquoise was addicted to showmanship. Today, Turquoise Prince is an artist that critics still find impossible to categorise, and one who thrives on unpredictability with catchy, colourful results.

His breakout single Like Your Friends is upbeat R&B at its best, while the mesmerising Lighter takes things down to a lounging tempo. Hard-headed bangers alongside underground stars (ChillinIt, Mitchos Da Menace) feature Turquoise rapping with a Tongan warrior mentality, and collaborations with local hip-hop heroes (Horrorshow, Hau) have proven that this young shark can easily swim with the veterans.

Turquoise is steadily carving out a name for himself as a live performer, having already tackled some of the biggest stages on offer (Groovin’ The Moo, BIGSOUND and Spilt Milk) and taking on national tours with electronica stars Boo Seeka and rap staples Spit Syndicate. March 2nd will see him headline the One Day event One Day in the Capital on his home soil in Canberra alongside Sophiegrophy and Joyride.

2019 looks to be Turquoise’s biggest year yet, with a handful of singles, big-name collaborations and gigs in the works; and he’s determined to keep everyone on their toes. “I might drop some R&B tracks, I might drop some hard tracks,” he says. “I don’t know, I can’t even tell you what I’m having for lunch.” No matter which route he takes, it’s easy to see that Turquoise Prince is quickly working his way into Australian music royalty.

Catch Turquoise Prince Live:
Sat 2 March – One Day In The Capital, Canberra
W/ Joyride, Sophiegrophie & More
Event Info Here


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ChillinIT Releases Who I Am/The Parkway Parts 1 & 2

ChillinIT wastes no time in 2019 by dropping Who I Am/The Parkway Parts 1 & 2. This follows on from his recent announcement of his upcoming national tour, and what has been touted as one of the top film clips of 2018 in Wish You Well Pt. 2.

Debuting on his YouTube channel, part 1 of Who I Am/The Parkway dropped Tuesday night featuring production from Syndrome Beats. ChillinIT had this to say about the new track.

“This one is for the family, for my smokers, for the people who are chasing good vibes and good energy, keep your heads up and make it your year. I put this together for the family…”



ChillinIT is an artist not afraid to push the limits of his style, challenging not only himself but also his listeners as he takes his style global. We’ve already seen him make waves in numerous videos including his appearance last year on JDZ Media. To keep his bar hungry fans fed, Part 2 followed last night. This one was all about the wordplay. You can check it out below.



Catch ChillinIT on tour with Wombat:
Fri 15 March – Republic, Hobart.
Fri 22 March – Cambridge, Newcastle.
Sat 23 March – Transit Bar, Canberra.
Sat 30 March – Cooly Hotel, Gold Coast
Sat 6 April – The Gov, Adelaide. (ALL AGES)
Fri 12 April – Rosemount, Perth.
Mon 15 April – Freo.Social, Fremantle. (ALL AGES)
Tues 16 April – Evelyn, Melbourne (ALL AGES)

Tickets & merch available here:

Original Source:

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ChillinIt Announces The Ashes: Women, Weed & Wordplay Tour

ChillinIt has just recently announced a massive headline tour across Australia with his brother on the mic in Wombat!

They will be bringing the ruckus around Australia with the 420 Family and lots of special guests throughout March and April 2019, including an under 18s run during the Easter School Holidays.

Tickets are limited. You also have an option with Zip Pay for Meet & Greet tickets and merch, which allows you to buy now and pay later. Only 100 VIP tickets are available per show, so get in quick.

ChillinIt has also just released what has been dubbed as clip of the year for the track ‘Wish You Well Pt 2’. The clip features a host of cameo appearances including the triple one lads right on through to the g Christopher Kevin. Chill continues his domination of 2018, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in-store for this young king.

Original Source:

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