AUS To UK: Wombat Releases His Highly Anticipated Collab With Devlin

“It’s the UK Killer with the Wizard Of OZ!”

Wombat’s back like he never left! Tasmanian rapper Wombat has teamed up with Dagenham legend Devlin on the highly anticipated and long awaited collab dubbed ‘Adrenaline’. After destroying Wrighty (remember Wrighty?) in Australia’s first ever grime clash, Wombat continues making moves forward on this massive AUS to UK link up.

The energy Wombat brings to all of his tracks is unmatched in Australia and Adrenaline is no different. Prod by PEZOTB, Wombat rides the menacing beat with a barrage of bars that would impress the hardest of emcees. Devlin, not to be outdone, uses his years of experience to compliment Wombats ferociousness with his well constructed verses and a technical takeover that hones in with the precision of a guided missile.

…All these cunts wanna claim they came from the guttah, you came from your mother cunt!”


Even though Wombat has been around for a moment now, we feel this is just the beginning of what’s coming from The Bat. No word on an upcoming album just yet, but with the release of this collab we feel we’re on the cusp. With such a great outcome from their first collaboration, it’s hard for us not want to see a joint EP from these two in the near future. Who knows…

You can check out the visuals for Adrenaline above, filmed by AV Club/No1 Network & Risky Roadz. Keep up to date with Wombat here and Devlin here.


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