My ol mate Alf Nguyen died suddenly at work on Friday night. He was doing what he loved, DJing and filling the dancefloor under his artist name DJ A.L.F. I can’t say enough about the sadness I feel for him, for his lovely partner of 21 years, Rita, and their beautiful kid Chauncey. Ozi Batla introduced me to Alf and he became a really important person in my early days of making music. He joined my first band Explanetary (feat elgusto and luke dubs of hermitude) and was known for his tasteful musical cuts rather than DJ battle wizardry – exactly our vibe. We did a lot of sessions in his little granny shack setup down in the Shire, experimenting with melody, production, songwriting and collaborating. He co-produced a song that was so dear to me that I gave it to my wife on our wedding day! I reconnected with him a couple of years ago and was reminded about how cool he was. A friend you could just slot back in with. He’s one of those people you want to know for decades just to have time for when life opens up some space to hang out more. It hurts to know that won’t be the way it is. There is a gofundme page set up, which is in support of his family See More
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