DJ Bacon Releases “Beastie Floyd” Megamix Album

The follow up release to his triumphant 2018 “Back In Hell” megamix – DJ Bacon once again mixes rock and rap to deliver one of the deepest, and most comprehensive mash up projects ever attempted.

Not only is this a whole album of 7 new remixes, the album is mixed into itself to create a mega-mix album – over 20 minutes in length. Beastie Boys vocals used are laced with a sound bed of multiple Pink Floyd loops samples and sound snippets.

Although designed as a megamix experience – 5 of the individual remixes are also included in this package so the DJs can get down and play the remixes.

DJ Bacon’s most ambitious project to date, there are equal borrowings from the obscure and well-known elements of both bands. This is a remix project that, like Pink Floyd, is dark, experimental and complex at times.


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