Drapht – Gravity – ft @claudio Gravity originally came from the song ‘If You Trip’ by the crazy talented…

Gravity – ft @claudio Gravity originally came from the song ‘If You Trip’ by the crazy talented Ms.@claudio ❤ . It all started from a night out at the Rosemount Hotel seeing Horrorshow, Grevis and I were commenting on Nicks freakish ability to be able tell a story, and how he really is one of a kind within the industry we’re in. The topic then shifted to how Gary connectted more to my emotive stuff, like ‘Falling’, ‘Won’t Listen When’, ‘Another Juliet’ etc. That got me thinking, I didn’t quite have any emotively driven concepts on this next release, and ive always prided myself on the diversity of each album. Also on top of that, many moons ago Trials and I were sued for the usage of the OG ‘Falling’ sample, I was made to remove it from Brothers Grimm, and with that, I have always wanted to revisit the subject and give an explanation after so many would ask about the originals disappearance. So that night after the show I got home and @claudio’s ‘If You Trip’ was sitting on my browser. Coincidentally within the same timeframe I had just reached out to my dad in an attempt to heal and release the burden of the past that we both carried; and from there the verses would write themselves. Massive love and thank you to @Claudio 🥀 for allowing me to put my spin on her already exsisting song, i’m incredibly thankful she allowed me to rework it with her to the point you hear it today. It’s now one of my favourites to perform live. Additional shouts to my brother Grevis for planting the idea and my brother Bitter Belief for inspiring the lets goooo’s 😉 Collage by the amazing @isabelchiaracollage

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