‘Emperors New Clothes’

‘Emperors New Clothes’ I wrote this on a trip to Joshua Tree in the RV. There is something really magical about the silence, stillness and content peacefulness of the California dessert; especially Joshua Tree. I was drawn to it as a music lover, after reading 1970’s tales of Lennon, The Stones, Morrisons on psychedelic fuelled writing trips. I had left Perth earlier that year after feeling a bit stuck, uninspired and just tired of the same old week in, week out. At the time I was surrounded by people more interested in current fads, gossip and internet content – the type that were quicker to pull even the closest to them down, rather than energise, support and championing another friends success. Production by: Myself, Mark McEwen and Brody Simpson. Collage by the amazing Isabel Chiara

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