“Feelin’ Myself” is the new collaborative track from Mista Monk / Meiken / Secret Agent 23 & Debrissa McKinney bringing back them old’skool vibes

Production by Stay Nice

Someone once told us the definition of “magic” is changing the world by first changing your own perception, then using that to affect everything else.

This track is 5 different forms of hypnosis rolled into one super potent, perception changing music burrito. Like a dream that reminds you what life is really about, this song is a fresh breeze blowing off the ocean of possibilities.

Featuring Grammy award-winning, purple velvet tuxedo wearing family funk phenomenon, Secret Agent 23 (USA). Who’s opened up for MOS DEF, RUN DMC, and The P-Funk All-Stars. Playing festivals like Woodford (AUS) and Lollapalooza (USA). The track also features Melbourne made DJ/Producer/MC Mista Monk, of afro-jazz outfit Black Jesus Experience. From live organic hip-hop roots with Culture Connect to performing with Ethio-Jazz legend Mulatu Astake, Monk has also collaborated with Inkswel, Mista Savona, Ganga Giri, Illuminati Congo and Digital Afrika amongst many others. Holding it down at festivals like Glastonbury and Big Chill Festivals in the UK, Azgo (Mozambique) and Rainbow Serpent (AUS).

On vocals and a verse is Melbourne raised, GoldCoast based Meiken, who can be seen on tour with Freestyle Mafia across Aus. Playing festivals like Subsonic, Rainbow Serp, Earth Freq, Island Vibes, and touring across Europe and Aus with their music and stand-up comedy also. Collaborating with artists like Mad Professor, Mista Savona and a list of talent longer than your nan’s pension payouts. Soul sister on the hook with Meiken is Debrissa McKinney (USA), seasoned performer, proud vegan and touring artist, with roots in North Carolina.

On the beat, we have underground Australian music scene slayer Stay Nice, who’s production flashes a unique style of dreamy soul moving melodies, sprinkled delicately over-head, with sexy drum kits and face-melting bass-lines. His worldwide influence and soulful beats blend between reggae, dub, jazz, funk and hip-hop. Stay Nice has performed in venues and festivals across Australia which has lead him to produce music for artists all over the country as well as overseas.

All the artists met on stage freestyling at the Beach Hotel’s 420 Sound, in Byron Bay this year, not long after Woodford. It was fyah and love at first cypher, Stay Nice took them right into the studio, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This song is purely a reminder. Don’t give up on your dreams folks, you got this. Artist instagrams: @mistamonkmc / @_meiken / @secretagent23skidoo / @debrissa1 / @stay_nice_

With thanks to:
Director & Editor: Maximus Retro
1st Assistant Director: Carina Böhm
2nd Assistant Director: Jag Brar
Dancers: Natasha Adeola, Nahla Dean, Nasrin Khalifa Dichak, Daichi Meno, BombG, Mael Noutsa and friends.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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