Freesouls Keep Delivering With ‘Living Legend’ Music Video

Freesouls deliver yet another blow with the brand new music video from their recent single ‘Living Legend’. The film clip welcomes you into their South-West Sydney lifestyle when good times are ever present. Light hearted, homegrown and vibe friendly, Freesouls stay true to their music as it pays homage to their friends and family.

The video orchestrates that feeling you get when you just want to kiss your mum and say thanks after 3 beers. Dancing for a good time, drinking with your mates and getting up to date with happiness. Something we can all agree we have missed more than anything. The clip highlights what we are so eager to be a part of once again, making it so relatable.

From the moment it launches, you are instantly drawn in by the melodic hook that quickly paints a picture of gratitude of which is the group’s intention with ‘Living Legend“. World class production combined with varied but effortless vocals, makes for a great visual and a wave of nostalgia.

Living Legend is a special release for us as it’s an ode to those who have shared this journey with us from the beginning. Our family and day 1’s have been our biggest support.”


With proven versatility as a collective, together with their live show and recorded content, we are reminded that Freesouls are a group in love with their art and it’s hard to not get excited about the trajectory they are on, and with a debut EP slated for late this year, ‘Living Legend’ presents itself as the perfect breakthrough.


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