Freesouls Release First Single Of 2020

Hailing from South-West Sydney, Freesouls have been carving out their lane with a track record of consistent releases since their debut in 2018. The trio of diverse and hugely adept artists each bring an individual talent that combined with a dedication to their craft, has seen them garner the support of the national hip hop community in such a short amount of time.

When thinking about the finest acts in this genre, Freesouls are now placing themselves right at the forefront of the conversation with their first single of 2020 Living Legend” and thus propelling them into the ranks of the track’s title.

From the moment it launches, you are instantly drawn in by the melodic hook that quickly paints a picture of gratitude of which is the groups intention with ‘Living Legend“. World class production combined with varied but effortless vocals, it starts to become clear that Freesouls are collectively levelling up with what is their most exciting release to date.

“Living Legend is a special release for us as it’s an ode to those who have shared this journey with us from the beginning. Our family and day 1’s have been our biggest support.”


With proven versatility as a collective, together with their live show and recorded content, we are reminded that Freesouls are a group in love with their art and it’s hard to not get excited about the trajectory they are on, and with a debut EP slated for late this year, ‘Living Legend’ presents itself as the perfect breakthrough.


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