Joyride – Underwater

A beautiful video and sentiment created entirely by Joyride. Have a read and take a moment with the song, it’s a beauty. Joyride plays The Corner in Melbourne tonight (happy valentines day yo)

The great philosopher Tkay Maidza once famously wrote “last year was weird”. She wasn’t wrong.

Releasing the video for Underwater today is significant for me because, in many ways, it marks the end of the Sunrise Chaser journey. There’s nothing else planned or scheduled. It’s all done, closing out maybe definitely the weirdest period of my life. I’d like to take a moment to write seriously about some serious feelings.

Firstly, a little about the vid: I made this by myself. The story is about looking outside yourself for something that will reignite your happiness, and not necessarily finding it.

Perhaps you have found something that does that for you; I’m not 100% I have yet.

That’s not to say I am always unhappy, because I’m not. Although I doubt myself more than I ever have. I have more down days than I used to. I constantly worry about letting down the people that rely on me. I think that this may be a common thing for musicians from things I’ve read. Maybe for everyone?

It’s shit because it hampers the wins, because I don’t fully allow myself to celebrate, because I know there’s more work to do, and at no point have I exceeded the ridiculously high expectations I have of myself.

It’s shit because I have ended up second guessing myself and softening the things that I artistically took most pride in previously.

This may all sound a bit bleak, because it is quite bleak I guess. But i don’t think I’m the only person who has felt it, and in a certain way I’m glad that I’ve gone through the process so that I don’t have to again.

The lessons I’ve learnt about how I want to create moving forward are invaluable and I think this song and video are a taste of that.

I’ve recalibrated back to wanting to make things that I want to make, rather than a compromise between what I want to make and what I think other people expect me to make. I can’t wait to make new music, and videos, and podcasts, and DJ mixes, and stupid Instagram posts.

There is a level of catharsis that came with making this video. It helped me express how free I feel now.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come from me in the years to come (whichever hat I may be wearing.

A final thought on happiness, from one of my best friends:

Everyone is deluded by their own positive thoughts about themselves. That’s the only way to maintain happiness.

I look forward to deluding myself again.

Love Jxxxxxxx

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