Lives have been lost. So many homes incinerated

Lives have been lost. So many homes incinerated. 😞

Environmental disasters are abstract until your family and friends are being evacuated and ash is falling from the sky. My heart is in the Blue Mountains as one of the biggest megafires on record bears down. But it’s also with all of NSW, from the North to the Central and South Coasts. We’ve all been burning and breathing hazardous smoke for a month now.

And SA… We’re watching those flames roar so close to your streets and homes. Terrifying.

Smoke had drifted 1000kms from NSW bushfires to hit Melbourne. What the hell. Memories of terrible Victorian fires must hang heavy and the threat is rising. The whole country is experiencing record temperatures and we’re seeing heatmaps of the whole country inked deep red.

Crazy to think about the courage and sacrifice of all the fire services standing between us and the burning chaos. It may be a job or a personal commitment but the levels of crazybrave that you’d need to stare it down and wade into the smoke is so deeply, profoundly appreciated. I read reports of RFS workers queuing up at Bunnings and paying for fire fighting gear out of their own pocket. Unfathomable that our gov’t seem so completely out of step with circumstances on the ground. Beyond appalled. And the worst seems yet to come, today is dangerous.

The environment should never have been an ideological battleground for humans to have a culture war. For too long we’ve been buried in debates about what is real rather than getting on with preparing for everyone’s future. It takes my breath away how casual govt has been these last few weeks and these things are clearly connected.

It’s a hard time for a lot of ppl on the eve of christmas.

It’s a good time to be with people you love.

Hoping you see this through 👊🏻💜

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