Macshane Makes His Mark On 2019 With Long-Awaited Debut EP, The Macshane EP

Half man, half machine: Macshane is a rap anomaly. Born and bred in the Perth hills, he exploded onto the Perth music scene out of nowhere in 2015, and quickly rose to prominence as an MC and force not to be reckoned with. Now, he’s set to make his mark on 2019 with the release of his long-awaited debut EP, The Macshane EP.

Drawing on influences from all corners of hip-hop and electronic music to deliver intricate wordplay, complex flows and a unique perspective on concepts and themes, Macshane explores all of this and more on his debut EP. In 2018, Macshane released three singles further highlighting his innate skills not just as an MC but as a lyrical wordsmith as well, capitalising on his collaborative friendship with producer Unkle Ricky to create genre-defying tracks that see the two working in perfect harmony, with the pair “bouncing drums and melodies back and forth until we found a vibe.”

Straight off the back of his most recent single, ‘I Said’, which was described by Macshane as a “declaration of intent, a call to arms and an assertion of self in three minutes of fury,” Macshane is doubling down with the release of his long-awaited debut. Describing it as “nothing less than a journey from conception to writing and recording,” he went onto say he felt “lucky to finally tap a highly talented musical medium to unleash my thoughts, struggles and self realisations.” “I finally learnt to speak my mind and make music for myself as opposed to appeasing a trend or particular sound. Therefore I was unapologetic in dealing with themes such as self doubt, relationships, and ultimately the battle between who I think I am and what others think of me.” Solidifying his reputation as one of the country’s finest rappers, Macshane delivers a consistent body of work that isn’t afraid to dig deep into his own mind as well as society at large. Not shying away from trying new things and subverting preconceived notions of rap and hip hop in Australia, Macshane lays it all out on the table across seven tracks that each showcase a different element of his artistic identity.

With four singles already out in the world and three previously unheard new tracks, The Macshane EP highlights a rapper truly stepping into his own as an artist, and serves as not only the end of one chapter but the start of another – this really is just the beginning for Macshane.

The Macshane EP is out April 12th.


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