Mr. Germain (new music in bio) I went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest 2017, purely to see Stevie…

Mr. Germain (new music in bio) I went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest 2017, purely to see Stevie Wonder play (seeing him live was always a massive bucket list tick of mine) I spent three weeks there riding a rusty old bike around I found on Craigslist, eating all of the southern soul food and writing music. The idea came while walking down a suburban NOLA street one day, and a homeless man walking in the other direction said, “Hey, stand tall! Hold your head high…”……. This completely stopped me in my tracks.. One – because of the beautiful irony of being reminded to be grateful by one who doesn’t even have enough money for his next meal, let alone a roof over his head, was quite sobering to say the least. And two – it felt like he new exactly what I was thinking within that moment. The seed for the song then grew as I rode through Holygrove recieving looks like – boy you either not from around here (clearly) or very dumb (maybe a bit of both); to being called ‘Baby’ with every supermarket visit; and to the old mythical vampire tale of Jacques St. Germain – who they say lived in the Frenchmen Quarter in the early 1900’s. The name ‘St. Germain’ actually popped up a few times on my US trip, as he was also known as the alchemist of Mount Shasta, where I spent the most part of my time writing the album. Collage by the amazing @isabelchiaracollage Production by dazastah Additional vocals by Claudio Additional guitar by @markmcewen

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