One year ago today we released ‘The Great Expanse’

One year ago today we released ‘The Great Expanse’. It was our eighth studio album and it was a long time coming, dropping five years after the previous album, ‘Walking Under Stars’. The album featured production from One Above, Cam Bluff, Plutonic Lab, VIIV and @producedbytrials. It featured vocals from Ecca Vandal, Nyassa Music, Timberwolf, Adrian Eagle and Ruel. The only featured Hip Hop artist was Illy. It was our first album completely mixed by a third party – Plutonic Lab. It was also the first time we enlisted some guest writers for a project – Thief (Fire & Grace) and @sarah_aarons (Exit Sign.) As always Neville Clark at Disk-Edits Pty Ltd mastered the album and April77 Creative handled the graphic design (and for the first time the illustrations.) Along with UMusic Australia, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia and Blue Max Music, we have an incredible team. ‘The Great Expanse’ has taken us on a journey over the last year that we’ll never forget. Thanks to anyone that has bought it, streamed it, shared it, stole it or has came and seen us perform it live over the last year. We’ve had a ball. 💚 PS – We’re back in the studio writing and going through beats for a new album already. There may be another ‘Restrung’ project on the way as well. 😉

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