PREMIERE: Perth Hip Hop Duo Otiuh Release ’85’

Otiuh are a Perth hip hop duo comprised of childhood friends Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker. They combine golden age lyricism with eclectic production and an infusion of funk & soul. The name of the group is taken from a Latin abstract term which refers to leisure time.

It was during these moments at concerts, festivals and in each other’s’ backyards rhyming where the two found their drive to make music. Being fans first, they cite influences anywhere from A Tribe Called Quest to Run the Jewels.

The duo released their first mixtape in 2017 and began performing around Perth. They soon formed a band and released a string of self-produced singles leading into 2018, gaining national airplay along the way. The act is gearing to release their second single of this year, ’85.

’85 is a neck-snapping groove that imagines the duo in a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” type situation. A state where freedom of expression is enjoyed on the desert road away from society.

Otiuh deliver fast paced, braggadocios verses which bounce off exotic percussion and a creamy synth bassline. The track is further fleshed out by the baritone vocals of fellow Perth rapper José Halftime during the chorus and the screaming guitar of bandmate Will Johnson toward the end of the song.


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