Resin Dogs return with new single Activate The Soul feat. Mantra

In the true revolutionary spirit of Hip Hop, Resin Dogs have continuously evolved their style, always staying a few steps ahead of the pack. Mixing together live music, turntables, and guest MCs, Resin Dogs produce a mash-up of sounds, truly modern Hip Hop that is drenched with Breakbeat, Dancehall, Dub and Funk.

Considered as one of Australia’s most iconic Hip Hop acts Resin Dogs have released a number of albums, singles, remixes, and collaborations since 2000.

In November 2018 they will release their latest album ‘NOTORIOUS D.O.G’ which has spawned 3 singles: ‘So Long’, ‘Como No’ feat. Essa and ‘Activate the Soul’ feat. Mantra.

The seeds of ‘Activate the Soul’ were sown when DJ Katch and Plutonic Lab were digging through some records looking for sounds, and Plutonic had his sampler ready. It started from there. The tune was worked on over the next few months adding drums and basslines before the lyrical magician Mantra stepped up to the studio mic to lay down his vocals. Activate the Soul feat. Mantra is available now. 


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