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Our thoughts are with Kev and his family. This type of coward, unprovoked attack has no place in our society or in Hip Hop, especially at the Rosemount, which is one of the few places that allows Hip Hop these days, due to idiots like this. Please donate if you can!
Please donate to support Kev’s coward punch go fund me campaign. For those who don’t know Kev was attacked after the Kogz show I promoted on Friday night. He is one of the biggest oz hip hop supporters I know and even came down early to grab some Shake Down Merch and have a good chat. It’s unbelievable to me that such a kind, warm hearted dude could be assaulted unprovoked especially at one of our shows. There’s no future for WA hip hop if this keeps happening. No matter how many times we’ve pushed this message bullshit like this continues to occur. I’ve seen dozens of these nights end with antisocial behavior and have tried everything I can think of to help prevent it, but there is always a small percentage of people not just within our hip hop community, but walking around amongst us who shouldn’t be. Let’s hope firstly, we can all be more responsible for our mates. This means not just making sure the friendly ones aren’t in any danger, but the ones who are sometimes aggro drunks get put in a taxi or left at home. Secondly, let’s hope his attacker is caught soon. And most importantly, let’s hope Kev makes a full and speedy recovery.
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