Matthew Craig Returns With Existential R&B Jam ‘Plug All Night’

It’s been four years since Melbourne based recording artist Matthew Craig released his debut single ‘Ivory’. In that time the label manager for R.E.A.L Music has slipped into a behind-the-scenes role overseeing careers including Junor and Kae The Goat, however he’s returned in 2020 with a new Jazz-infused late night R&B jam Plug All Night.

As hip-hop culture has exploded in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of new fusion forms of the genre and now Matthew Craig introduces us to a new twist incorporating Jazz. While traditionally Jazz/Rap fusions have involved rhymes over Jazz beats, this new sub-genre flips the formula; utilising Jazz melodies in the likes of Sammy Davis Jr or Frank Sinatra, over modern 808 kicks and hi-hats from Sydney based producer Delipres (Coast & Ocean, Imbi The Girl)

“It’s a song about searching for answers. About searching for hope in a world which seems more chaotic than ever. I like to talk about smoking as a metaphor for knowledge. Just inhaling more wisdom with each new experience…”

Plug All Night comes with a late-night drive visualiser and is promised to be the first single from the forthcoming “Smoke Bigger” EP by Matthew Craig and Delipres. The project is set to continue the vocalist’s search for knowledge and guidance exploring sounds ranging from jazz, through to R&B and reggae. The 5 track EP is due for release later this year via R.E.A.L Music.


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