NYC’s Revenge Of The Truence break out their long awaited EP “H1N1”

Revenge of the Truence’s MuGGz and Tay Dayne waste no time getting to the point on their hard hitting new EP, H1N1, produced entirely by frequent collaborator Endemic Emerald. They kick things off by landing a massive uppercut with the lead single, “The Outbreak,” and they never take a moment to rest until the closing track fades. It’s a signal of immediacy that coincides with the New York duo’s mission statement of keeping it moving with a steady stream of quality releases.

Since releasing their debut Rot4ever in 2015, they’ve dropped a staggering four albums and six EPs, with each building on what came before it. “The progression is what keeps me going,” Tay says of their strong work ethic. “Not only seeing how the music gets better and better, but also seeing people’s reception to our art.”

To say that fans and newcomers alike will be receptive to H1N1 is a massive understatement. There is so much to dig into and digest on this EP’s six tracks, whether you’re in it for Endemic’s grimy aesthetic, MuGGz and Tay’s quotable verses, or the tack-sharp songwriting. While tracks like “The Outbreak” and “H1N1” highlight their rapping chops, the duo really shows off their pen game on standouts “Trading Places” and “Major Way.” After all, there’s a good reason those tracks are among Endemic and Tay’s favorites. “They’re beats with bars and a message,” Tay says.

There’s a strong message running through the video for the title track as well, which is available for viewing today to coincide with the project’s release. ROT self-directed the visuals that center on footage from the H1N1 outbreak of 2009 and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a bit of a heavy watch, but it’s a poignant one as well as a grim reminder of where the world is at right now.

H1N1 is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via No Cure Records. The six track effort is also available on vinyl in limited quantities via Fat Beats.


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