Snoee Badman Releases his Debut Mixtape #3ALLMYTEAM & “On The Map” Video

Today Sydney drill rapper Snoee Badman shares his debut mixtape #3badman produced by Sydney-based producer Utility out now on Trackwork. This mixtape presents 7 unique, drill-inspired tracks that express stories of violence and the realities of incarceration.

Interludes blend calls to free his associates, and scenes from Dragon Ball Z on a distant TV that segway into murderous anthems. #3Badman sets a new bench-mark for Australian drill that hits different, and given the physical constraints around this project Badman & Utility prove that results that are actually interesting and new come from resourcefulness, and working with what you can. 

The first singles from this project ‘On The Map’ and ‘#3allmyteam’ were both premiered on Triple J’s ‘The Hip Hop Show’ with Hau Latukefu, gaining extensive air-play on FBi Radio.

Badman & Utility have also embarked on presenting an animated mini-series based around selected tracks to celebrate and run alongside the #3badman mixtape. In a collaboration between Trackwork, AVTV, and animator Kyan Woodpower they released the first episode #3allmyteam in early May, segwaying into today’s action packed animation premiere ‘On The Map’. Ep 2. ‘On The Map’ is a journey of joints rolled on private jets, of infra-red car chases, and drilling in audi’s through the lens of Google Street View. 

Snoee Badman has been penning rhymes for well over a decade, first dabbling in hip-hop style music to now owning his own sound of what we’ve come to call Australian drill music. Although Snoee has been incarcerated since 2011 and is due for release in November 2021, this hasn’t slowed down his process to record music and build up hype around himself in the Australian rap music scene.

Utility is a Sydney-based producer known for productions that are icy, and hard-hitting. His trademark  percussive style has been the backbone for tracks with the likes of HK x Rick, MA Rated, KDM On The Track, Lil Jaye & Eco$ystem and US artists El Plaga (LA) and DZ (Baltimore). Utility Regularly produces projects for Sydney-based freestyle channel ‘AVTV’ and in October 2019 established Trackwork, a platform to curate and put out unique, project-specific releases. Trackwork’s first release was Indigenous rapper T Breezy’s first release ‘2360’ featuring singles ‘Posted’ and ‘Origami’ gaining rotation on FBi Radio. Snoee Badman’s #3badman mixtape is the second release through this platform. 

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Introducing Sevy & Bayang and their debut video ‘Dogfight’

Introducing new artists Sevy & Bayang and their debut video ‘Dogfight’ produced by Utility | Video by Jeremy Elphick | Mixed & mastered by Thomas McCalister.

Dogfight is a dark, yet energy filled banger and signify’s an exciting new wave of local rap music made by these upcoming Lakemba based rappers. Dogfight builds on Sevy & Bayang’s rich experiences in local Sydney music communities including Seayams, Skid Row Radio, and the iconic band Dispossessed who had been described as ‘.. the most uncompromising, unapologetic and important band in Australia’.

This first single, which premiered Wednesday night on FBi Radio, sets the pace for their joint project which will release next month on Trackwork.


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