PREMIERE: Melbourne’s SERU Levels Up With Fraksha on New Single ‘Dead Zone’

Levelling up with is artist on the rise Isaiah Seru aka Seru. Residing in Melbourne, Seru has been putting that work in, having released multiple new tracks within the last month. All of which show promising signs of things to come. His new track ‘Dead Zone’ featuring the don of Melbourne Fraksha is no different

The team here at aahh! are proud to serve up Seru’s latest single and accompanying visuals, directed by Joe Ninety and released by TIMELE88 Visuals Dead Zone echoes strong grime influences with a touch of Aussie flavour. Stylistically, a considered approach has been taken, which is laid out in a clip on some dapper shit.

I’m the boss of the comrades
caviar with the cognac
cuban cigar with a top hat
I’m the new face of this aus rap

Seru is one to keep an eye on, you can find more of his work here. We suggest you check it out. You can follow him on Instagram here and Fraksha here.

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