Platterpush & Codeks (DUB Crew) Release ‘Hands Down’ feat. Dialectrix

The Dynamic Production Duo Return To The Scene Of The Crime With Their Former ‘Down Under Beats’ Counterpart Dialectrix, Bringing The Ruckus You’d Expect.

Platterpush and Codeks have been DJ’ing since the late 90’s, recording, performing and touring with numerous live outfits. Turntablism is an important aspect of their style which is evident in both of their live sets and releases. Platterpush and Codeks were the founding members and co-producers of Down Under Beats crew (Dialectrix, Joenew, Immune, 13th Son), a hip hop collective that toured extensively and released two albums in the mid 2000’s. Being ‘Unearthed’ by Triple J in 2004 raised the bands profile and saw them becoming one of the trailblazers of the emerging Australian Hip Hop genre.

The Producer/Dj duo have gone on to produce for many successful artists such as Thundamentals, Lotek & P.Smurf. The pair recently produced the majority of P.Smurf’s recent debut solo LP ‘Playin the Blues’. As well as continuing to write music together Platterpush & Codeks have also gone on to work on numerous other projects. Platterpush is now a member of the notorious Blue Mountains four-piece Otherside and features prominently on their two EP’s and recent 7” singles. Codeks has been busy recording and touring with his own band Bomb Threat who are currently working on their debut album.

‘Hands Down’ is the 2nd Single taken from Platterpush and Codeks’ debut production malbum ‘Planet of the Misfits’ due late 2020 on Scratches Records. The bold anthemic single features Melbourne-based wordsmith Dialectrix, who returns to the scene with a vengeance; giving fans a lyrical masterclass on why he is still one of the finest emcees in the country.

More than a decade after their crew (Down Under Beats) disbanded, the three artists have re-united to serve up a double-time tongue twisting banger. With a healthy dose of bravado Dialectrix asserts his continued lyrical prowess whilst making light of his professional stay at home dad status. Platterpush and Codeks provide a dramatic soundtrack, combining a dark orchestral sound-world with contemporary double- time grime influences.

Look out for the forthcoming production album from Platterpush & Codeks titled ‘Planet Of The Misfits’, featuring a vast array of guests, showcasing vocals from some of Hip Hop’s finest local and international artists.


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