We Talk To Lakshane Ahead Of The Release Of His Brand New Single ‘Reload’

After the release of his self produced EP ‘Come Alive’ which picked up nods from Spotify and even an exclusive segment on Beats1 radio, rapper/producer powerhouse Lakshane is back at it, announcing a brand new single, ‘Reload’ that will be out on all major platforms on the 29th of May.

‘Reload’, like the Melbourne rapper’s previous music, is for the hip hop lovers, boasting a vibrant chorus and lyrics full of bravado that captures the true essence of this upcoming Australian talent. The instrumentals were created by Perth producer FRAAN, which complement the upbeat and high octane feel of the overall song.

Reload is something I wanted to get off my chest. I feel like I allow a lot of people into my life without a wall and they take advantage of it or don’t reciprocate the love. Reload expresses my ability to reset and keep going despite these people and the other barriers I encounter

Australia’s Hip Hop scene is definitely in its International boom right now. Sound wise I feel like we still have to find what makes us unique instead of adopting or copying others, Youngn Lipz, Chillinit and The Kid Laroi definitely bringing that though. I hope we can move past the boom bap and onto something new. With R&B there’s a lot of artists killing it from AU who aren’t talked about like rappers. They’re actually putting up great numbers and doing big things. Let’s hope we can make Australia’s urban music industry more profitable for artists“.

You can pre-save the track ahead of it’s release to all platforms here: https://ffm.to/50nxvpm.ofp

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Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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