Talakai Enters 2019 With A Heavy Release

“Dream big, chase that, dig deep ‘cause I live for the lottery.” Talakai enters 2019 on the same high he left 2018, with a huge and heavy release.

Lottery, features dirty, dense production and heavy lyrics however, in Lottery Talakai brings the bounce, with an echoing, resonating hook which carries an underlying message of persistence and positivity. Renowned for heavy bars, razor flows and pine point delivery Talakai is at the forefront of the Australian Grime scene. After touring late 2017 off the back of the “Get Bodied” viral video series Talakai has been on the come up, playing sold out shows around the country and making cheeky appearances on Triple J’s Hip Hop show.

Far from the young kid coming up locally in the Newcastle scene Talakai has taken the movement nationally, oozing bravado and lyricism to rival the countries best. Gearing up for a huge 2019, Talakai sets his sights on the top with his debut EP in the works. With 2019 off to a blazing start, you can catch Talakai supporting ChillinIt on his sold out  The Ashes “Women Weed and Wordplay” Tour throughout March, April and May.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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