Uno Stereo Drops New Beat Tape ‘Innerludes’

Multi-platinum, ARIA-award winning producer UNO Stereo today drops his debut major label release, a compelling collection of beats and collaborations dubbed ‘Innerludes’, available to stream now. Following his lauded production work behind the scenes with a multitude of hip-hop and R&B music’s biggest names including Khalid, Wale, Wiley, Kaiit, Denzel Curry and more, UNO Stereo delivers a typically stylish and richly textured set on ‘Innerlude’s, spearheaded by the instant energy of lead track “PLAYIN”.

UNO’s curatorial nature is on full display with ‘Innerludes’, as he deftly weaves chopped up vocal samples from close collaborators into beats featuring his rare taste in classic hip-hop, traditional soul, neo-soul standards and a modern electronica, held together by sharp attention to detail and impeccable sound design.

“’Innerludes’ is what happens when I get the freedom to create music that sounds like what I imagined in my head 20 years ago as a kid tryna make beats after school. Because each song is kinda like an ode to my idols, I think the tape sounds strangely nostalgic but at the same time distinctly unfamiliar. Maybe it was the product of being in lockdown but the little vocal chops that I scattered throughout each song became the soundtrack to how I felt this year.
The artists who I collaborated with, I’m proud to say are all Australian artists that are my homies. And I’m just a straight up fan of their art regardless, so it’s an honour to be in their company. The exciting thing about Innerludes to me is, it’s organically become the perfect segue into the next phase of music I have planned for later this year.”

UNO Stereo aka Nic Martin

As one of Australia’s most agile producers, UNO forgoes glossy productions in favour of bright textured grooves and local emerging talent. On “Vinny’s Interlude” frequent collaborator 18YOMAN provides the hazy, melancholic soundscape, as Jordan Dennis brings his syrupy lilt to the piano-laden beat on “Keynote Interlude”. Meanwhile, Majerle’s vocoder-treated vocals melt into the melody of “On My Mind”, and the magnetic funk of “Need 2 Say” heralds Ojikae’s powdery alto. UNO’s trademark innovative use of percussion keeps the dreamy collection upbeat, with primarily instrumental tracks “PLAYIN” and “Purple Tape” featuring as standouts.

Even without company, UNO reveals multifaceted tracks, with the kind of chopped up samples and crisp production that have cemented him as one of Australia’s best kept production secrets.


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