DJ Mix Of The Week: DJ Skarface Releases ‘Rage The Jewels’

Jonathan Stewart aka DJ Skarface has just released our DJ Mix Of The Week. Titled ‘Rage The Jewels’, Skarface has taken vocals from a selection of Rage Against The Machine tracks and mashed them over beats by Run The Jewels.

Originally this mixtape was made as a response the Rage Against The Machine/Run The Jewels tour announcement, not as a response to the events of the past few weeks. Having said that, there is no better time for DJ Skarface to have dropped this one.

I’m not equipped to speak on the matters at hand but DJ’ing and music have always done a good job of expressing how I feel”.

DJ Skarface

Having received a co-sign from el-p on Twitter, there’s no better tick of approval on that one. Spin the mix above and grab a download whilst you’re at.

Keep up to date with DJ Skarface here.


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