Smiley kicks in the door on new track ‘Stick Up Kids’

Anything you need to know about Smiley you can find out from his lyrics. The Perth emcee has always let his music do the talking; communicating in crystal clear, brutally honest terms. From his philosophies to his politics – from how he feels about cops, to how he feels about the community – it’s all there.


Produced by multi platinum, multi Juno Award winner Rob The Viking, Stick Up Kids is quintessential Smiley – viciously up-tempo and relentless – giving him all the room he needs to spit with precision and impunity. Dark and shady as only Smiley can do it, Stick Up Kids is raw, real and sinister. But versatility is the key to Smiley’s successes.

Colliding skill and tenacity, Smiley has always been a legit contender. Proudly carrying the torch passed down from exalted artists like Downsyde and late icon Hunter, Smiley is the next heir to the throne in Perth’s hip hop lineage – a challenge he has risen to with gusto. Brash, free-thinking and relatable, Smiley typifies the wave of new artists that are currently ushering in an exciting new era of the genre.


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