PREMIERE: Adelaide Afro-Pop Crew ‘Africa Connection’ Release Debut Single, Mama Salone

Adelaide Afro Pop collective Africa Connection (AC5), today release their debut single, Mama Salone, off of their highly forthcoming album, THE RISE.

A musical dedication to Sierra Leone, Mama Solone was written in the wake of the 2017 mudslides, the worst natural disaster to hit Sierra Leone in recent history which took the life of 1,141 people and left a nation devastated.

Eighteen months on from this tragic event, Mama Salone highlights the social and environmental implications of a governmental focused only on financial development at all expenses, examining why predictions of environmental disaster were ignored in a country already recovering from a civic war and Ebola.



Musically, the single is a stunning collaborative genre mix dancing between soulful Afro pop, embedded on top of strong and eloquent dancehall vibes that transports the listeners between verses of robust Hip hop and RnB vocal mantras.

Mama Solone comes off the AC5’s debut album , THE RISE , set for release in Mid-2019. AC5 is based in Adelaide, Australia and Liberia, Africa. Cutting through boarders to start a movement that will see the crew actualise its ambitions. AC5 believes there are no limits and the boundaries are just demographical, which shouldn’t be barriers to multiculturalism relations.


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