Talakai flexes on new track ‘Alright’

Renowned for heavy bars, razor flows and pinpoint delivery Talakai and his peers are at the forefront of the Australian Grime scene. After touring late in 2017 Talakai has been on the come up, playing sold out shows around the country and making cheeky appearances on triple j’s Hip Hop show.

Far from the young kid coming up locally in the Newcastle scene Talakai has taken the movement nationally, oozing bravado and lyricism to rival the countries best. Gearing up for a huge 2019, Talakai sets his sights on the top with his debut EP in the works.

A late entry contended for best lyrical flex of 2018. If you want to hear what a come up sounds like, here it is. Talakai flexes an airtight flow with heavy-handed deliveries and punch lines that leave heads spinning, backed by bass-heavy production by Harvey, Alright is sure to bang heads.

Original Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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