Flu Releases ‘Just Some Verses I Had On My Phone’

New release features Australian artists Lazy Grey, Phil Gektor and Mata

Acclaimed Hip Hop producer Flu, has quietly released a brand new project titled ‘Just Some Verses I Had On My Phone. The 6 track release features Lazy Grey, Phil Gektor and Mata.

Flu has been carving quite the lane for himself over the past couple of years, teaming up with a number of international artists including Jah Monte, Waterr, Estee Nack & Starker and more. The journey Flu has been on as an artist has been an enjoyable one to watch. Highly revered in the underground, we haven’t seen a local producer evolve quite like this over a large number of years. It’s a testament to his work ethic, drive and determination to not just fall in with the same old, same old.

“Just some verses I had on my phone…like literally. Some old collabs etc… whipped up the beats over a rainy weekend” – Flu

Flu is totally confident in his artistry, there’s no trend hoping here. If you’re a fan of Flu’s previous work, you’ll find something here. Head over to Bandcamp and grab a copy today… you know… support independent artists and all that.

You can keep up to date with Flu on Twitter.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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