Blondieman Releases B.O.A.T featuring Mic Pompei, Flu and Maundz

BLONDIEMAN can be described in many ways… human, blonde, possibly a man. He has been described as ‘the inimitable maestro’ by some. Whichever way you want to go you can’t sleep on his brand new album title B.O.A.T.

Following on from the Blondieman EP relesed late March, B.O.A.T is a cosmic journey through time and space ridding upon the jizz ejaculated from a half man, half dolphin being. The albums crazy artwork created by Bonnita Gillard, sets the scene. We really didn’t need another album cover with a fake plastic wrapping design.

There’s just no denying the level that this project sits upon. Forget trends, forget dickheads, forget artists who like to tongue fuck each others dickholes for triple j plays, this one in straight up in a lane of its own. No one does it like Phil Gektor.

Cop a facial from Blondieman’s latest release B.O.A.T out now.


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Flu Releases ‘Just Some Verses I Had On My Phone’

New release features Australian artists Lazy Grey, Phil Gektor and Mata

Acclaimed Hip Hop producer Flu, has quietly released a brand new project titled ‘Just Some Verses I Had On My Phone. The 6 track release features Lazy Grey, Phil Gektor and Mata.

Flu has been carving quite the lane for himself over the past couple of years, teaming up with a number of international artists including Jah Monte, Waterr, Estee Nack & Starker and more. The journey Flu has been on as an artist has been an enjoyable one to watch. Highly revered in the underground, we haven’t seen a local producer evolve quite like this over a large number of years. It’s a testament to his work ethic, drive and determination to not just fall in with the same old, same old.

“Just some verses I had on my phone…like literally. Some old collabs etc… whipped up the beats over a rainy weekend” – Flu

Flu is totally confident in his artistry, there’s no trend hoping here. If you’re a fan of Flu’s previous work, you’ll find something here. Head over to Bandcamp and grab a copy today… you know… support independent artists and all that.

You can keep up to date with Flu on Twitter.


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Traz x Phil Gektor – Three Sheets to the Wind

2019 is here and CC is jumping in early with “Three Sheets to the Wind”. Phil Gektor is back, showcasing his diverse production range with a brooding soundscape for Traz to effortlessly flow over.

Check out the new music video for ‘Three Sheets to the Wind’ below.



Filmed & edited by Discourse.

A super limited pressing of “Three Sheets to the Wind” will be available to pre-order featuring gatefold artwork from the video.

Side A – Vocal
Side B – Instrumental

150 Copies, 45 RPM + Digital download

Produced, mixed & recorded, by Phil Gektor at Philsville Sanctuary. Written & performed by Traz.  Mastered by Duncan Stanbury. Online pre-orders go live on Wednesday 23th January 2019 at 7:00pm AEDT from:



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