That Kid Kearve Continues His Meteoric Rise With New Track ‘This N That’

New 5 Track EP Coming Soon!

Sydney rapper That Kid Kearve, has recently released his brand new track ‘This N That’. It’s already racked up an impressive 120,000 views on YouTube in just under a week. Having no label support, and no features, Kearve be on the rise.

Produced by B Hill Beats, This N That is an absolute cruncher. It’s not only our release of the month but it’s also one of our favourite tracks from Kearves already extensive catalogue. The young West Sydney Rapper seems to be hitting new heights on each and every release, building a strong momentum for his EP which drops on all platforms on June 28.

This N That is the title track taken from the new EP. With no features, it’ll be 5 solo tracks of that straight fire. Producers on the project include Chief Wiggin Beats, the aforementioned B Hill Beats, Ozo, and Broke Boys. The EP is set to shake things up in the local scene.

Listeners seem to be rejecting the manufactured label approach to Hip Hop, especially at a local level. Some labels seem to be trying to tick a number of boxes for who they sign, that has no relation to the actual music. Fuck a label!

Check out the clip for This N That above featuring the handy work of West End Media.


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Hooligan Hefs Releases New Video ‘Paper Route’

tell em I’m doing eetswa !!

Doonside rapper, Hooligan Hefs aka ‘Mr ShootNScore’ continues his upwards trend with his latest effort in Paper Route. Hefs supreme bravado, and charismatic energy is unstoppable on this one. The new single follows on from the monster release of F.A.M.E feat. Masi Rooc, Hooliganskinny, and Hooks back in February.

The new track has just dropped alongside a brand new film clip, directed and edited by Kreezy Visions. Hefs isn’t going without on this one, flaunting a luxurious lifestyle of high class jewellery and expensive cars. This a long way from the days of rapping out the front of IGA.

My canine’s look real icy//
My merc is looking real shiny//
Just got a blue tick but that don’t mean shit I was cert in my air max 90’s

We expect that Hooligan Hefs is in the midst of working on a a debut full length project or EP. We will bring you more info on that one when we have it. Check out the new track above.


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Interview: Mitchos Da Menace Breaks His ‘SILENCE’

aahh: Compared to your previous two releases, how do you see ‘silence’ the album representing your evolution as an artist?
Menace: Brother, I was hoping that the fans could answer that question for me. Since you’re asking me though, you listen to the first album, the second album and then the third one. From that, you can see the evolution. It’s maturity bro. I had to mature with my life experiences and what’s going on at the moment and that is portrayed in my music. I’m the MENACE and you all know it now! MGR.

aahh: On the title track SILENCE you state that “you like silence but can’t stand it” can you elaborate further on the ideas behind this track and the title of the album?
Menace: It’s me saying I like to be alone but it’s going be the death of me… I self destruct in different terms, it means a lot on a personal level. I actually got a beat from Oagz called “Serenade Of Silence”. I made the album from that beat and that idea.


aahh: How do you see independent artists such as yourself shaping the future of hip hop in this country?
Menace: We are the future of Aus Hip-Hop. We have so many talented artists making moves. From Manu Crooks heading to the USA and us collaborating with UK artists. We have helped shape it whether people accept/or like it or not! We carve lanes and inspire people in the local scene!

aahh: There have been numerous positive comments we’ve read about the beat selection on the new LP. What was your process for choosing the beats on the album?
Menace: I’ve been in a dark place over the last year Jim. This includes stuff with my family and myself. I needed to get a lot off my chest. The beats I picked touched me, to be honest. Deep dark and melodic.

aahh: You’ve opened silence with a small intro, can you tell us more about this and how it relates to the wider concepts on the album?
Menace: In simpler terms, it means “We stay silent, if a problem arises, me and my family take care of it, we don’t speak out to others, stay silent” – Mitchos The Menace!

aahh: What’s next for Menace?
Menace: I have a really big year ahead. 2019 will change a lot of lives, I’ll be giving 100% in everything I do! Keep your eyes peeled, you might even catch us overseas! MG201L7 .

You can purchase the latest LP from Menace – ‘Silence’ here. You can also cop the latest merch here.


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