Adelaide Artist Claz Releases Long-Awaited Sophomore Album

Adelaide’s own celebrated son, Claz returns for the long-awaited and much-anticipated sophomore album release entitled “Before I Forget”.

This 7 track manifesto reflects on a young man’s mind, travelling through physical and mental states of bliss, pain and hope. The listener is presented with a transparent perspective on Claz’s mental health and outlook on life, with an extended invitation to take a seat next to him on a journey of extreme equilibrium.

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Claz may ring the bells of familiarity from his sonic cult classics on youtube such as ‘Visions Of Happiness’ and ‘Living In The Meantime’ that date back to 2011, yet he still remains stubborn in being a prominent figure in the Australian hip-hop scene. Although a lot of his music stems from the beginning of the decade, Claz’s debut album came to fruition in 2017.

‘The Beautiful Distraction’ was released on all digital platforms, refurbishing listener’s memories and gaining a large handful of new fans, with the album itself claiming feature album of the week of it’s release on ‘The Hip Hop Show’ on Triple J.

Claz’s sound would best be described as butter on raisin toast, smooth with a generous sprinkle of soul and wit, leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste that will have you reflecting on the future, past and present.

Once a very productive musician, an involuntary hiatus imposed itself upon Claz. The epitome and almost ‘nail in the coffin’ of this hiatus came in May 2018, in the form of an ironically unlucky and unfortunate diagnosis of hyperacusis, an extreme sensitivity to sound, particularly in the high and low-end frequency sound range. In short, every musician’s worst nightmare. This brought not only Claz’s musical aspirations but an entire life to a complete halt. An incurable condition with no promise of recovery, at first was depicted by Claz as an omen that a career in music was not meant for him.

“Not only did I face the thought that I’d never make music again, but I saw that this was the end of my social life, and essentially life itself”, Claz explains.

Months passed as Claz attempted to adapt to life with these new restrictions, and it seemed that time in a studio was no longer a tangible option. But as they say, time gradually heals all. In Claz’s situation however it wasn’t physical healing, yet a mental one. Knowing his limitations he eventually found ways of adaptation. Whether it was lowering the volume level in the headphones, or finding appropriate methods of coping, Claz slowly started to get back into the process of creating.

This progress of healing and adaptation was given a large boost when he endeavoured on a month long trip from the bottom of Australia in Adelaide to the top of it in the Daintree rainforest, an hour or so north of Cairns. Seeking inspiration, the distraction of being on the road, and living outside of a suitcase whilst exposing one’s self to beautiful scenery and experiences, Claz returned back home with a long lost hunger back in his belly.

“Hailing from Adelaide, at one point his local notoriety was so great that you couldn’t walk down Hindley Street without seeing a Claz sticker plastered to a stobie pole. And with his 2017 debut album The Beautiful Distraction culminating in a packed out launch at Adelaide’s Rocket Bar, it seemed that the hills of his hometown couldn’t contain the buzz much longer. The Claz that sits in front of me, however, is a different man. After that launch, life enforced an involuntary hiatus that saw him go through a flurry of mental and physical health problems. But after some much-needed soul searching on a bus-based voyage through Australia, he’s returned with his upcoming album Before I Forget.” Explained in a recent Acclaim Magazine write up.

Having recorded three tracks prior to encountering problems with his ears, Claz returned back to the studio to complete a project that had once seemed lost. The three songs that had been recorded previously, detailed the man’s philosophies on life and flirted with the unknown whilst attempting to find understanding within it, along with pondering on past memories before his conscious mind lets them go. The following four tracks that were created post trip outlay the tribulations experienced, lingering dark thoughts, all the while projecting newfound wisdom and outlook on life.

Against all odds, Claz has proven time and time again his dedication to his craft, and this is showcased throughout the whole album. Distributed through Sydney record label Low Key Source, take the extended open invitation into his mind and listen to the album. Before I forget…


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Interview: Mitchos Da Menace Breaks His ‘SILENCE’

aahh: Compared to your previous two releases, how do you see ‘silence’ the album representing your evolution as an artist?
Menace: Brother, I was hoping that the fans could answer that question for me. Since you’re asking me though, you listen to the first album, the second album and then the third one. From that, you can see the evolution. It’s maturity bro. I had to mature with my life experiences and what’s going on at the moment and that is portrayed in my music. I’m the MENACE and you all know it now! MGR.

aahh: On the title track SILENCE you state that “you like silence but can’t stand it” can you elaborate further on the ideas behind this track and the title of the album?
Menace: It’s me saying I like to be alone but it’s going be the death of me… I self destruct in different terms, it means a lot on a personal level. I actually got a beat from Oagz called “Serenade Of Silence”. I made the album from that beat and that idea.


aahh: How do you see independent artists such as yourself shaping the future of hip hop in this country?
Menace: We are the future of Aus Hip-Hop. We have so many talented artists making moves. From Manu Crooks heading to the USA and us collaborating with UK artists. We have helped shape it whether people accept/or like it or not! We carve lanes and inspire people in the local scene!

aahh: There have been numerous positive comments we’ve read about the beat selection on the new LP. What was your process for choosing the beats on the album?
Menace: I’ve been in a dark place over the last year Jim. This includes stuff with my family and myself. I needed to get a lot off my chest. The beats I picked touched me, to be honest. Deep dark and melodic.

aahh: You’ve opened silence with a small intro, can you tell us more about this and how it relates to the wider concepts on the album?
Menace: In simpler terms, it means “We stay silent, if a problem arises, me and my family take care of it, we don’t speak out to others, stay silent” – Mitchos The Menace!

aahh: What’s next for Menace?
Menace: I have a really big year ahead. 2019 will change a lot of lives, I’ll be giving 100% in everything I do! Keep your eyes peeled, you might even catch us overseas! MG201L7 .

You can purchase the latest LP from Menace – ‘Silence’ here. You can also cop the latest merch here.


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HUSKii teams up with Kashtwins on new track ‘wrong move’

201 issa cult!We are only a few weeks into 2019 and the takeover from 201 continues. Today we are sharing the brand new track from HUSKii and Kashtwins titled ‘wrong move’. The new track has been lifted from the highly anticipated BRAINUMB Playlist. Which is set to be released at some stage in the coming months, maybe sooner.

Sonically the track builds a strong contrast between the firey raps of HUSKii and the strong vibe Kashtwins bring to the table. Production perfectly weaves throughout the vocals, reinforcing their place in the mix.

If 2018 is anything to go by, HUSKii has big things on the horizon.

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PREMIERE: The Eggman Searches For Answers On New Track Origins

Here we have the brand new track from rapper The Eggman. The track titled Origins, searches for the inception of consciousness and life while recognising ones very own temporary existence.

Inspired by underground artists such as Suicideboy$, Night Lovell, and Denzel Curry, Origins features heavy production, utilising big drums and a fat 808 to accompany ominous synths and deep vocals.


Dropping alongside the audio for Origins, comes a spacey set of visuals which was shot and edited by Brayden over at Fun Films. Be sure to check that out above and expect more explorations from The Eggman soon.


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