L-FRESH The LION drops new single ‘Mother Tongue’

L Fresh The Lion Drops New Single Reminding Us That Policing Of Language In Australia Isn’t A Story Of Our Past

Pulling no punches, Mother Tongue arrives as an honest recount of L-FRESH The LION losing the ability to speak his native language, his Mother Tongue. The track captures the experience of many migrant and BIPOC communities here in Australia and throughout the world, diving deep into the shame, grief and disconnect L-FRESH has felt losing not only his connection to his first language of Punjabi but to the roots of his culture. 

Release of Mother Tongue is coupled with the announcement of L-FRESH The LION’s forthcoming album SOUTH WEST on July 17. The body of work will be a celebration of South West Sydney, the area that raised him and continues to inspire him. Levelling up in every possible way, listeners can expect L-FRESH The LION at his best on this album with sounds reminiscent of his personal heroes Kendrick LamarJ Cole and Talib Kweli. Like his heroes, L-FRESH is inspired by the community around him. SOUTH WEST, a homage to the place that raised him up, and a nod to the rise of his fellow Western Sydney artist, including the likes ONEFOURBecca HatchJessica JadeHooligan Hefs and A.GIRL.

Mother Tongue was written about my story with my native language, my mother tongue. As a kid, English wasn’t the first language I spoke. It was Punjabi. My experiences of being born within 2, sometimes competing, cultures meant I lost touch with my language. I lost my fluency because I was conditioned to think my language wasn’t cool. Mother Tongue explores my regret in letting my language go, and how I’m working now to relearn it so I can keep close to my roots”.


Flexing his ability to lay down hard-hitting bars with unmissable truths, Mother Tongue teaches us something new with each repeat listen. Flow and lyrical-mastery are at the forefront of this track. Exploring the politics of otherness, lyrics like “Nothing is sacred, even the tongue is gentrified” explore white Australia’s ongoing issues with exploitation and discrimination against Australians of non-anglo background.

While some may think the policing of language or banning of tongues is a thing of the past, scratch a little deeper and you can see this practice is still alive and well. Too often people are asked to choose between their culture and the ‘Australian way’. To adopt words, to soften their message, to ‘speak properly.’ Mother Tongue arrives today as a reminder that culture is to be upheld and celebrated. 

 Mother Tongue is out now via Elefant Traks.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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Mirrah Infuses Soul With 90’s Influences For New Single, ‘Hold On’

It’s been four years since we last heard from Sydney emcee MIRRAH. From her debut mixtape REFLECT-I-ON and her debut EP, LIFE, she confirmed her status as a force not to reckoned with on the hip-hop scene, and now the Sydney legend is back with another soulful release.

HOLD ON Single Art

Fresh from joining the Elefant Traks crew on RAGE and triple j’s Like A Version, supporting Urthboy, performing with Mojo Juju,and jumping up on stage to perform with both L-FRESH the LION and OKENYO at the Elefant Traks 20th birthday celebrations, Mirrah’s new single ‘Hold On’ proves she really is not only one of the most exciting artists in the scene right now, but also one of the most innovative and versatile voices as well.

With an extensive history in hip-hop both as an artist and dancer, Mirrah has spent the last few years performing and collaborating with L-FRESH the LION, while working on her own music. Focusing on the power and importance of self-love, Mirrah channels her life experience into her storytelling and poetry, while using pop-influenced soul and hip-hop beats which she rides with ease.

‘Hold On’ is all about remembering what is really important: good friends, living in the moment, and of course, love. Inspired by the mad rush of stores during Christmas time and how easily lost people became in their hunt for meaningless gifts, Mirrah reminds us all to never lose sight of those gifts that you can’t buy.

Taken from her forthcoming EP, LOVE, Mirrah channels conscious hip-hop influences like A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, Common, Rapsody and even Kendrick Lamar as she lets her message out into the world. Now, as she steps back into the well-deserved spotlight, Mirrah brings her trademark soulful, passionate rhymes coupled with 90’s influenced beats and grooves with her, and with her forthcoming EP release, she aims to provide a bit of comfort and solace in a world that makes that hard to find.

Source: AllAussieHipHop.com

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